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Thread: Where have all the gang leaders gone..?

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    Default Where have all the gang leaders gone..?

    Wow, sad to see the decline in comments huh...
    I know it's partly my fault, I got sucked into the Skyrim last year and never really got back to typin' my City of Remnants thoughts.
    But as I look around, well it looks like this game was somehow left at the last bus stop you know.

    I wonder for a bit, are people just done with boardgames and the new generation can't play games without controllers in their hands..?
    Was the City simply too complex with too much depth for people..?
    Was it the time frame required to play a game?

    Sadly, I loved this game and still do.
    I want companies both big and small, to keep making board games.
    I want to think that we as a community, will play this game for a long time.

    But man is it hard when I think we're a shrinking crowd...
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    You just said you were playing Skyrim last year and a moment later suggest people need a controller in their hands. Lots of people play both.

    Summoner Wars gets lots of discussion everyday. City of Remnants is a great game, but it just doesn't generate a lot of discussion. Much of the discussion on other games is about expansion speculation for games with expansions coming, match-up discussions for head-to-head games, and other stuff not really relevant to a stand-alone, free-for-all game.

    There are also just too many board games. It is rare for many groups to play the same game exclusively and repeatedly for a long time, which means that they are still playing board games but not ever going deep enough into one game to expand upon existing discussions of it. I think this is the worst part. If I had a group that played weekly or regularly, I would try to press them to pick a game and stick with it, but as it is, I rarely play with the same people more than once in a blue moon.
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    I know your post was awhile ago, Bishop, but just wanted you to know that City of Remnants is still my favorite Plaid Hat Game, and I told Isaac so at Gencon. I asked him about whats coming up with City, whether they were going to consider expansions etc, and he said there were plans in the works for a remake in a couple of years. Plans are as changeable as the market, but I think they know there are devoted fans. CoR is my first choice when I have a chunk of time that large.

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    Yep! City of Remnants is also my favourite Plaid Hat game (which says alot since I really really enjoy Dead of Winter) and it is one of my all-time favourites! I do think this game is absolutely amazing and an expansion for it is my biggest board game wish!

    I would like if we could get the discussions going again either here or on BGG!

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