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    We've got a news section on the site, but I understand that some may link themselves directly into the forums. So I wanted to start a news thread. There are also bits of news that I scatter here and there that don't make it to our official front page news thread. I'm going to try to put all of those scraps into this thread. If there is one I've missed please feel free to use this thread to help me get everything into one spot. I will try to keep this first post as up to date as possible.


    Mr. Bistro is our fiction writer and Plaid Hat Games and I am always proud of the stuff he churns out. You can read Bios (the ones for the Summoners are full little stories) in the factions section of the website.
    Cave Goblins
    Guild Dwarves
    Phoenix Elves
    Tundra Orcs
    Fallen Kingdom

    We are also doing a series of fiction articles called the Almanac of Itharia.

    Journal of Sirian Waters

    The City of Heap

    Card Previews:

    We've also done a number of Card Previews of upcoming stuff.

    Fallen Kingdom

    These guys are up for preorder now and will be going out to players in late July.


    These guys are available at the same time as the Fallen Kingdom


    We are going to have Reinforcement packs coming out around October and have begun previewing cards from the packs. These are going to be Commons and Champions that you can customize your decks with. Here are the few that we have previewed so far.

    Premium Board

    If you are looking to upgrade from the paper mat to something nicer, we are offering a premium board. It is going to be available at the same time as the Fallen Kingdom and Vanguard Faction packs.

    Other Various Bits

    I made an appearance on The Little Metal Dog Show, which is this interesting board game podcast where the host Michael Fox begin_of_the_skype_highlighting*****end_of_the_sky pe_highlighting interviews various people from the Board Game industry. I talk about Summoner Wars and also reveal a little about a future project.

    I have revealed in various places that the next to factions coming out for Summoner Wars will be the Jungle Elves and the Cloaks. The Jungle Elves are a tribal faction of elves whose magic is cast in the form of hypnotic chant songs and who call upon the jungle animals to aid them in their battles. The Cloaks are a faction of rogues who rely on stealth and trickery as well as a rare firearms technology to wage battle. If all goes according to plan these will release in Faction Packs in Quarter 1 of 2011.

    We will be at GenCon this year and will have some first looks of things at our booth. Our booth number is 1733. According to current layouts we are right in the vicinity of the always huge Wizards of the Coast booth. We will have a Tournament with prizes going on at GenCon as well. You can find more info about the Tournaments here:
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    Just a quick note: the Premium Board showed up at my Friendly Local Game Store and I picked it up. Nice difference from the paper....

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