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Thread: Mice & Mystics Chapitre 9 Vurst Redemption

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    Default Mice & Mystics Chapitre 9 Vurst Redemption

    How to survive to this chapter?

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    My group found that one difficult as well. Turns out I was making it harder than it needed to be. See discussion here: We haven't had another session since Jerry set me straight on this, so I don't know yet how much easier it will be.

    As best I can figure, it all comes down to having lucky rolls without much cheese going on the minion wheel. You need win Vurst over to your side quickly and have him fight as an ally for most of the next tile, and then repeat this pattern on each successive tile. Colin is required, so there is a strategic choice as to which hero to use as your second. We played with the obvious choice of Tilda, but I wonder if there might be an advantage to a 'go for broke' strategy of selecting a strong ranged fighter like Maginos or Lily. I'd love to hear from others on this one.

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    My wife and I just played this chapter a few days ago - it was the first chapter we lost, and we lost it on the second tile. Collin went to attack a roach and rolled three sword/shield/stars, immediately capturing himself. My wife played Lily and held her ground for a while, but after three surges The End was reached.

    Second play through, the first thing I did as Collin was to equip his original sword again, and put the Sorrow Blade in his pack. I'm not sure if it was against the rules (or the designer's intent), but with the Ring of Cat's Strength as my carry-over item, rolling 4 attack die was enough without the threat of self-harm - I didn't need to be rolling all 5!

    Another thing you can do is make a house rule that both the mice champions you take have a modified version of First Aid, which can only be used once per tile. Wouldn't have helped in my one-shot-self-capture mentioned above, but could've proved useful elsewhere.

    Looking forward to Chapter 10 tonight! Best of luck!

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