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Thread: The OFFICIAL Spring iOS Tournament 2014: Pools & Results

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    I just lost a game against Spartan Assasain, Tundra Orcs vs. Guild Dwarves, but during the match the summoner wars app derped out and made me pay 3 magic to remove freeze event cards. Should we have a rematch or just leave the results as is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theshoe1029 View Post
    but during the match the summoner wars app derped out and made me pay 3 magic to remove freeze event cards.
    I'm guessing Bragg was on the board -- part of his ability is making Freeze cost 3 to remove.

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    Everyone please keep discussion in the other thread. Just post results here. It will be much easier to keep track of them all that way. Thanks.
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    Shining Armor's BBBFF Division

    stohot Cave Goblins WON vs Uncleeurope's Mountain Vargath
    MUD = -5
    stohot Tundra Orcs LOST vs joepinion's Vanguards
    MUD = -14
    stohot Jungle Elves LOST vs Darren's Tundra Orcs
    MUD = +12
    stohot Guild Dwarves WON vs magnusson_3's Phoenix Elves
    MUD = +1
    stohot Phoenix Elves WON vs Ciims's Jungle Elves
    MUD = +5

    stohot Total Record round 1
    3 Win - 2 Loss

    stohot MUD score = -1

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    Bpearc2 Win/Loss results

    Bpearc2 vs Jdoublep: Win
    Bpearc2 vs Killercactus: Lost
    Bpearc2 vs Akden:Lost
    Bpearc2 vs Hardstor:Win
    Bpearc2 vs Bourlotieris:Lost
    Overall w/l record: 2-3

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    GeauxTigers's JE lost to Jyoders Benders. (-2 Mud) Lost is really an understatement. I got annihilated. Didn't even get a shot, much less a hit, on Tacullu. Good game.
    My Orcs beat Veree's Dwarves (0 Mud)
    My PE beat Jebuh's Orcs. (0 Mud)
    My dwarves beat Hilgendwarf's VG (-17 Mud - seems a bit high?)
    My CG beat flylikeanego's FK (-10 Mud)

    So 4-1 with a Mud of -29.

    Good games everybody.

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    Jnewby74 just started my game 2 hours ago and hasn't taken his first turn yet, the other 2 have not started. GGs to Pedro and Rwould, feel free to discuss them over in the other thread. I'm curious as to Rwould's cockup...
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    Rarity's Those Shoes Are So Last Season Division

    st.patrik (DSM) win/loss record

    Win BD vs Ad Hoc MV
    Win GD vs Colgha JE
    Win JE vs RFNunes PE
    Win CL vs Jamber515 CL
    Loss PE vs Dominion MV

    -20 MUD, I think. (yikes!)
    I guess my match-ups were favorable, but none of the wins were easy. Of particular note were my luck in not getting killed by Ad Hoc's MV, Gror being taken from full health to zero by a gorilla and Miti in one turn, but then it equalling out when my heroic feat Baldar took out Abua in one shot. I thought I had Jamber on the ropes in that CL vs. CL matchup, but I almost didn't make it at the end there. Lost to Dominion by making some pretty dumb mistakes, not protecting fragile Elien enough. Bah! I hate the Phoenix Elves!

    *EDIT - got the MUD wrong. I guess it's actually -20!
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    The Friendship Conference.
    Apple Jacks Giddie Up division.

    Me ret vs Smoox Tacullu. Loss
    Me Abua vs andrewni Abua. Loss
    Me Grognak vs JayAhre Elien. Loss
    Me Sera Eldwin vs Whitelotuschief Sunderved. Loss
    Me Oldin vs Begonia Vlox. Win
    MUD was +2%
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    The Friendship Conference
    Star Swirl's Expelliarmus! Division

    Me (SqYorick) JE vs Zoastra TO = Me

    I managed to get all the right events (and Shikwa summoned right in line of sight so she didnt have to move) to kill Grognack in one turn.

    Me (MV) vs Stutzkraft (PE) = Stutzkraft

    I have very little experience with MV, and made some stupid mistakes with events. Added to that, Stutz played an excellent game as the PE; even had my events gone off like I thought they would, Stutz would have likely been good.

    Me (PE) vs Affpuzz (VG) = Me

    I managed to get my game going, helped by some bad rolls on Affpuzz's part, which meant I could precise Fire Drake Sera to death.

    Me (TO) vs Happymonkey (CG) = Happymonkey

    I dont even know what happened here. CG are another one I havent played much (either as or against) so one moment Grognack was there, and then he blew up.

    Me (GD) vs Tortugatron (FK) = Fallen Kingdom

    I threw 7 dice at Ret-talus with Thorkur, hit with 2. Then Tortugatron phantomed Gror. Then Tortugatron phantomed Baldar. I may be a little salty.

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