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    Mission 6: The Long Night

    It happened too fast. Some Summoner, some said it was Oldin, others Bolvi, had come to the Capital’s defense, but they were too slow, not enough. The Goblins were too many. They broke the Wall and poured through. They only slowed long enough to throw torches on the homes and buildings of the Capital. They hadn’t stopped to loot and pillage and soon found the gates and tunnels the dwarves had used to escape.

    Grofer ran. His legs burned as though molten iron ran in his veins. Sweat gathered and collected the ash that covered his head and ran in to his eyes, blinding him. His breath came in hacking gasps. The smells of the burning Capital and Cave Goblin stench soured in his nose and mouth and pushed him harder.

    His foot turned on a loose rock, and he pitched forward. Grofer felt the ground shake beneath his head. They would catch him.

    The air trembled. A white-bearded dwarf who had not stood there before dragged Grofer to his feet.

    “To the Outpost, boy,” he yelled and pushed Grofer away. He stumbled at first, the pain in his leg screamed, but he found his footing and ran again. Behind him Grofer felt the air trembled again with the summoning power. He dared not look back at who wielded the power.

    Beast Rider Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall Wall
    Slinger Guardsman
    Slinger Guardsman Wall
    Runt Fighter Summoner Engineer
    Clinger Spearman
    Oath Sworn Architect Wall
    Slinger Runt

    Two boards are required for this match and are placed end to end to create the map.

    The Guild Dwarf and Cave Goblin players may use either summoner and all available units for this match. Neither side creates a draw deck. The Cave Goblin player begins the match with a hand of 12 cards, only three of which may be events. The Guild Dwarf player begins the match with a hand of 6 cards, only two of which can be events. Neither Wall is considered owned by a player unless their summoner has ended the movement phase directly adjacent to it. Control of the Walls may switch. If both players’ summoner is adjacent to a Wall, it is considered controlled by the Guild Dwarf player.

    The Guild Dwarves are considered in retreat for the entire match (may move up to four units during the movement phase and may attack with up to two units during the attack phase) and must escape off the far side of the map.

    The Guild Dwarf player wins if fewer than five of their units are destroyed before their summoner successfully retreats and no other Guild Dwarf units remain on the board. The Cave Goblins win if five or more Guild Dwarf units are destroyed before the Guild Dwarf summoner successfully retreats and no other Guild Dwarf units remain on the board.

    The Guild Dwarf player is assumed to have won the die roll and may choose whether to go first or second as they seek to protect the fleeing dwarves of the Capital

    There are no special conditions or consequences for either victory or defeat in this match.

    Mission 5: Siege
    Mission 4: New Summoners
    Mission 3: The Breeding Pens
    Mission 2: The Dogs in Elder Ward
    Mission 1: It Begins
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