Mission 3: The Breeding Pens

Oldin had seen death before. Long before this war had broken he had stood over the bodies of fresh and fetid dead of all races. He had walked through the devastation of goblin massacres and the aftermath of their debauched celebrations, but never had he known a stench like this. It was a heavy, foul odor that blanketed his nostrils, an odor that refused to dissipate. It burned and blurred his eyes as he and his dwarves looked for survivors in the wreckage of the Elder Ward.

Oldin had come to his people’s defense. He had fought. No dwarf could say he hadn’t, but it had been too late. The goblins had turned away from his proud dwarf warriors and against the defenseless and left these mangled bodies and this wretched smell behind.

Baldar pushed aside the remains of a stone pillar that could be hiding a body. He found nothing.

“The goblins are too swift,” he said.

“What was that, captain?” Oldin asked with venom.

Baldar turned and looked square at his guildmaster.

“The goblins are too swift. We act like them in chasing them throughout the caves and wonder that they are better at it than us. We are not aggressors. We are Guild Dwarves. We stand fast. We hold our position. We do not let our enemies pass us. We aren’t hunters. We don’t chase goblins. We wait for them to come to us, and we break them then.”

Oldin saw the words of his captain sway his soldiers. They paused in their searches to listen to him. He spit. It hissed in the smoldering wreckage.

“The world has changed, Baldar. Our enemies line up against us and believe they can strike with impunity, but we have changed, too. We have a summoning stone, the greatest weapon we available. We will not wait for them to strike again. The goblins destroy our city? We will burn their entire nation. The goblins are swift? We will break their legs. We will find the pens where they breed these dog monsters and kill every mongrel in it. Leave the dead for the dead. We leave now.”

The men began to form into ranks.

“Where will we find it, guildmaster?” a spearman asked.


“The breeding pens.”

“We’ll follow the stench.”

Defender Oldin
Wall Spearman Guardsman
Slinger Fighter Wall
Beast Rider Beast Rider Beast Rider Beast Rider Beast Rider

The Cave Goblin and Guild Dwarf players may both use constructed decks, including all reinforcements.

Whichever player won the previous match is assumed to have won the die roll and may choose whether to go first or second.

Guild Dwarves win if all Beast Riders are destroyed. The Cave Goblin player may not declare a retreat unless the Guild Dwarf player has more Champions on the board.

If the Cave Goblins lose, they may not build any Beast Riders into future decks.

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