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Thread: a few questions

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    Default a few questions

    One- what do you do when all available gang members to recruit are not available?
    Two- on a large development(2 spaces) if two opposite players are holing it on different spaces who has it or is their split control or is it contested?

    Thank You for your replies
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    Hey Filth..!
    Question One - when all four recruits have been already selected, when you announce that you'll perform a Recruit action, you draw the top card from the recruits deck. In this way, we call it drawing blind, you may get someone awesome or someone poopy but nobody can "bid" on that card, he's instantly yours.
    At the beginning of every round, the Reset phase, you would plop four new recruits to choose from right..?
    Question Two - If two different colored gang figures are sharing a large development tile, no one has possession of the tile so you can't claim any benefits or perform any actions as if you "owned" the tile.
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