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Thread: Jexik vs. Nikuya Na Highlights/Lowlights

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    Default Jexik vs. Nikuya Na Highlights/Lowlights

    After having the cards for a few days, mr. cmarie and I sat down for the latest second summoner battle. He selected JE and I was CL -- just base decks for this one, mostly flying by the seat of our pants since neither of us scrutinizes the previews. I won't give a full synopsis, especially since the level of our gameplay wouldn't warrant it anyway. But the best moment for me was when I held onto a Concealed Weapons, hoping that Makgongo would do what I wanted him to and cuddle up next to Kyra on the next turn. But instead he went a different route that made him adjacent to even more units, so I was able to play Concealed Weapons and then finish him off with my regular attacks. mr. cmarie was not a fan.

    I had two low points in the game. One was when a poison-wound-addled Doc had to be discarded after I played Daring Plan and he was too poisoned to complete the mission. (I do like Doc's ability, though, being the Vanguard fan that I am.) The other was the end of the game...I kept forgetting that Nikuya Na could do the Poison Cloud thing, and so he kept destroying my blockers to get clear shots on Jexik. This happened multiple turns in a row, including at least one time that I could have easily prevented it.

    Brilliant Strategist takes some getting used to, and I didn't make much progress in figuring out how to use it effectively. I liked how the JE event cards could upgrade different units, kind of like in Bolvi's deck. Very cool cards overall -- we had a fun game. My only regret, aside from losing, is not taking a picture!
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    I just got these today(My birthday), and I failed as Jexik Maybe it was because I was wearing my new unlucky Prince Elien shirt
    Wait a minute... you guys don't use Rahlee in all your Prince Elien decks? But she can FLY!!!!!
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    Happy birthday. I've won three in a row with Jexik now, but I don't think I entirely have NN's deck down yet. New CL just seems intuitive to me.

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    Jexik is crazy i think he is more fun than Vlox. with his ability to move guys around the field and teleport with walls. And daring plan with assassins combo is ridiculous.
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    I decided that when I play Jexik, I'm going to bring a chess Queen or King with me and put it on top of my draw pile every turn. That way I always remember Brilliant Strategist, and it's cool an thematic too.
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    Good idea KC - I've taken to typing "REMEMBER JEXIK!!!" into the chat window during my opponent's turn so I remember it on VASSAL. I always hope I don't accidentally press enter during that though, or it would get awkward...
    And no, Jex is not out on VASSAL yet.
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    I played base Jexik vs. base NN with an old friend who was in town last night. (Good gamer, said he's demo'ed SW before but didn't really remember it.) I played Jex. I was way up most of the game, but Juju+Rhino was pretty brutal late in the game (I rolled double threes at least twice on attacks) and they mounted a comeback. Juju was the only champ he got out, but the mechanic of Juju copying a rhino with events on it is really strong. I got 4 quick wounds on NN, but went 2/9 after that to lose the game (although one of those misses was a 3 with a poisoned Kyra). It came down to summoner vs. summoner - I had 4 magic left and couldn't get Doc out, while Mark was able to spend out his leftover magic with poison cloud to kill Spider.

    It's pretty neat how balanced this MU is in base deck vs. base deck. Always nice when the new stuff is fun to play against each other. I think Jexik is a little bit stronger overall but NN's base deck matches up well.
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