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Thread: Am I an idiot? Or is there a mistake in the rule book?

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    Default Am I an idiot? Or is there a mistake in the rule book?

    I've looked around on this and BGG forums and google searches and haven't found any mention of this error in the rulebook and it's making me doubt whether I'm reading the rulebook correctly. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious--

    OK, so in the Combat Example on page 15 in the rule book, I only count a combat value of 5 for the cards played by the Founders, meaning that the total combat value + dice value is 17, meaning that Vox actually wins this combat example. The rulebook shows a 6 combat value for cards and plus dice a total value of 18.

    My first thought is that this was just a misprint in an early edition of the game that I happened to have received from ordering online, but the same example shows in the downloaded version of the rulebook online on this site. Or....maybe I really am an obtuse idiot and I'm missing something simple.

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    Ah, I may be an idiot--does the shotgunner's unlocked value ADD 3 to his initial value of 1? I was under the impression that it BECAME 3 instead of the initial 1.

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    Hi, you are correct the second time:

    BOLD MANEUVER "(Combat Effect) Before dice are
    rolled, if you have at least 1 common
    in the combat, you may add 3 to this
    Shotgunner’s combat value during this
    combat. If you do so, and fail to win this
    combat, instead of destroying 1 unit, you
    must destroy all common units that you
    controlled in that combat."

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