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    Ok in yellow you have 2 cards,
    one is draw a card and gain 1000
    now we know that with this cards you must draw the card to gain 1000, so you can not play it if your draw pile has been depleted.

    but another card has "draw 2 cards" as its ability. now can you play this if you only have 1 card left in your draw pile, or must it be 2?

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    Hey Coffee, how goes the war down there..?
    Yellow's Rally the People is the card that grants one ARCs and a card and I've always played it that you could play that card, even if there are no draw cards in your deck because this will at least get you the money.
    The Disciple gives you the two cards and I "suppose" you could, technically, play "it", but if there were no two cards to draw, maybe you'd be better off keepin' it for the battle strength (which isn't much).
    If there were one card in your draw pile, you could play Disciple and draw the one card you know.
    And I'm pretty sure this is the way it's intended to be played, maybe Joseph can confirm if he's not too busy...
    Hey so how'd the Red Wave of Destruction tactic work, you make some progress..?
    And as always fight the Yugai people..!

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