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Thread: way out there strategy for yellow CopKiller

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    Default way out there strategy for yellow CopKiller

    Just wanted to share a strategy i used last time i played yellow

    every round i cycled thru my whole deck to get cards in my hand and money.
    anytime they popped up i grabbed
    guys that let you block bidders (used them to ensure being able to get the informers i need )
    guys that let you draw cards and gain money.

    i ended up with all 3 informers and then just roamed around the board killing left over yugis
    and refreshing my deck when i was low.
    i think i ended buying one property or something, but only because there was no yugis for me that round

    pros with this tactic
    if you can get informers early on you can start getting good renown built up early before others have build up their "towns"
    cons with this tactic
    the further it goes the renown others get with huge towns starts to outweigh what you can get killing yugis
    you tend to be spread out all over the board hunting them down easy for another player or a powerfull yugi to hop in and hurt you. try to at least keep moving in groups of 4.

    modifications i will make next time i try this.
    broadcast equip. getting 3 of these will change renown from one yugi battle from 9 renown (with 3 informers) to 12 (15 with a good roll on the punishment die)
    and if your informers are spent you can at least get 3. (6 with a lucky roll)

    communication device: ability to pull the informers back from your discard pile without having to spend a turn on a refresh

    smokebomb. 2 uses for this if another player decides to jerk with you, you can poof away. second use if you clear out the yugis on your side of the board you can walk onto any other players square, make them waste some cards for combat, then poof your 2 guys to the other side of the board to clean up some yugis over there.

    i won the game that i tried this technique in, but it was really close. i think the modifications would help me out a good bit.
    any thoughts?

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    Yep, not too much to critique on this tactic.
    Yellow is the king of flexibility so they can make just about any strategy "work", as long as their opponents aren't super perceptive.
    Informers and Broadcasts are the meat and potatoes of Yugai hunting so remember that. If you can get 'em, they work nicely.
    So yeah, all around solid strategies here, keep up the killin' my friend.

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