So it seems that thematically, the timely arrival card is used to boost combat in a space that does not contain the airship by adding the combat value of this card and also moving the airship to that location. however, i found myself in a situation today where i wanted to use it differently, and nothing on the card indicated that I could not. this was during the world event phase, and I controlled elizabeth, so booker was gunning for me. i had my defenses in place and the airship was actually on the location with elizabeth. what i wanted to do was play the card for the 6 combat points and then move the airship to monument island, claiming the territory token on that important spot. we decided that this was totally legit per the card text, but the question is this : would the airship unit's die be included in the booker combat and then moved to monument island for the territory combat, or would it move to monument island first, deal with that combat "immediately," as the card text says, leaving the booker combat and any units/cards involved on a sort of "hold?" I felt that this was the fair way to handle the situation, and everything turned out in my favor anyway. in fact, the airship won the territory, netting me an upgrade to a flak-man card that was in play against booker. I guess that brings up a second question; does this upgrade apply to the "on hold" flak-man card, even though it was played before the upgrade was applied? again, i won both combat situations either way, but it made for a slightly weird game-state. thanks to any who can clarify!