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Thread: Skavvi Guardsmen

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    Default Skavvi Guardsmen

    The idea behind this faction is that theyre a race of Mice who live in some forest. All of their common units are actual units of mice.

    Fi the Giant
    Skavvi Guardsmen Summoner
    2 AV Melee/7 Life
    Aggressive Maneuver
    After Fi attacks, Fi may move up to two spaces. She must end her movement adjacent to an enemy unit she did not attack this turn. She may attack an enemy unit that she did not already attack this turn.


    2 Copies
    Summon up to two Skavvi Guardsmen Common Units without paying their summon costs. Place a wound marker on any unit summoned this way.

    Reinforce Formation
    3 Copies
    Place a Skavvi Guardsmen unit from your discard pile under up to two different Common Units. The next time a unit with a card under it would be wounded, discard a card under it to ignore a wound.

    2 Copies
    Skavvi Guardsmen Common Units you control gain the Aggressive Maneuver ability. This ability lasts for one turn.

    2 Copies
    Choose one Skavvi Guardsmen Unit, immediately move it 2 spaces.


    1 AV Ranged/2 Life/2 Cost
    Paralyzing Poison
    If this unit wounds an enemy, that enemy cannot move on his next turn.

    3AV Melee/3 Life/2 Cost
    Strength in Numbers
    Reduce this unit’s attack value for every wound marker on it.

    1 AV Melee/2 Life/2 Cost
    Divide and Conquer
    If this Spears unit attacks an enemy unit that has no enemy units adjacent to it, this unit adds 1 to its attack value


    Quiri the Shining Blade
    3 AV Melee/7 Life/7 Cost
    If there are no Skavvi Guardsmen units within two spaces of Quiri, add 2 to Quiri’s attack value

    Vri the Alchemist
    2 AV Ranged/5 Life/6 Cost
    Blinding Poison
    If a unit is damaged by this attack, until your next turn, that unit only hits on 5 or 6 when it attacks.

    Jiri, Chief of the Wilders
    3 AV Melee/5 Life/5 Cost
    If Jiri would receive a wound, if this unit is adjacent to a Wilder unit, the wound is placed on that Wilder unit instead.
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    My initial design notes, with thoughts of where I want the faction to go.

    Basic design: Aggressive army that focuses on taking advantage of board posistion (right now represented by Spears who want enemies not to bunch up, Quiri who wants to be by himself, and Jiri who wants to be next to Wilders), Ranged Debuffs (Harriers and Vri), and just outright aggression with surprising hardiness.

    Events: There are two events that can effectively move Fi out of harms way. Maybe change an event, or make Fi's ability mandatory? Maybe change either Chaarge! or Guards! to an event that lets me effect the enemy's position on the board?

    Commons: Apart from their costs, which Im not sure is perfectly balanced, I think their abilities are good.

    Champions: Also unsure about the stat lines of these guys.

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    My thoughts:

    Firi is cool. I like that idea for the summoner, although I don't suggest that you make the power mandatory (if so, then whenever Fi is attacked by only one unit, Fi can't attack since if Fi were to attack, Fi would then have to do an impossible move.) If you modify it so that Fi only has to use its power when within range of another enemy unit, then I think Fi becomes too weak, since the enemy can too easily draw Fi out into the field of battle.

    I like Guard. As long as the Skavvi never get a 3 cost unit, it should be fine. (And the power could possibly work with some 3-cost units in a balanced way if done carefully.)
    Reinforce Formations needs a 'up to two' before 'Skavvi Guardsmen unit,' since you need two cards to protect two units.
    Chaaarge is a terrifying event card. Simply terrifying. I suspect that playtesting will find it to be too good of a card to have two of them in. If you limited Chaaarge to only having one copy in the deck, then it might be a bit more balanced. I would playtest it, though, since this event could be downright brutal in the right situation.
    Scurry seems a bit weak. Maybe let the unit move up to 3 spaces? Otherwise, it seems like it will be instantly built in most situations since it's just a weak event.

    Harriers: Neat idea. You may need to add a die roll to whether or not they poison someone, since otherwise this could murder champions, but playtesting will decide that.

    Wilders: I like the concept behind it, but think they may need to cost one more since (1) they should always be able to have one shot with 3 dice and (2) even when they have two wounds, they are still 1/3, which is the normal stats for a 2-cost common. You could playtest this first, but I think they'll need to be moved up a notch in terms of Summoning Cost.

    Spears: Spears are difficult to place. They are bad for a 2-cost unit, but a bit too good for a 1-cost unit. Maybe make it so that Spears gain the +1 attack only if no units are adjacent to the enemy unit and then lower their cost to 1? Otherwise, if you want to keep them at 2, you want to make their power a bit better.

    Quiri: I suspect that he will need to cost one more since it should be easy enough to send him down an empty side of the battle field and then watch him wreck havoc on the opponent's forces, especially if the player goes for a mostly-champion strategy. Playtest him to see if my assessment is wrong, but you may need to up his cost by one, or lessen his attack bonus by one.

    Vri: This is going to be brutal to champions. I'd playtest this a fair bit to see what it's like. I'm not sure how much this power will end up being usable since it's a very swingy power.

    Jiri: The wording causes confusion on what would happen if Jiri received multiple wounds in one attack. Can he transfer all the wounds, or only one of the wounds? If the latter, he seems balanced. If the former, playtesting will decide if he needs to become a bit weaker or not.

    Overall: Nice job. I like all the different focuses on board position with the different units. Playtesting will figure out a lot of stuff about whether or not these units are balanced.

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