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Thread: Couple Questions that came up during game play

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    Default Couple Questions that came up during game play

    Played 3 player this weekend (which made it very hard on my red, vs yellow and green) and we had a few questions

    1) If Yellow refreshes: can they cycle through their deck again that same turn with all their draw cards...we played you could because it was still your turn and you were still able to draw cards and use card actions even after refreshing - we were not sure if that was right
    2) When you purchase something from the black market, do you flip over a new card to take its place or do you wait until the end of the round - the reason I ask this is because then the first person always has best pick of the black market
    3) something I just thought of was perhaps we forgot to roll initiative for each round...should we have been doing that to vary the person who goes first each turn
    4) more of a comment, playing with communication device without the errata rule created a huge loop for green which made them super powerful - bad idea heh
    5) Timing ruling on the anti bid yellow card - The yellow player waited until Green Passed on bidding for his Bostrider guy, then he used the anti bid card on me, so he got the card for free - Does he have to play the anti bid card before the first person passes on bidding?
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    Hey Dapuma, sorry it took a bit for any of us to answer your questions (must've been a vacation week in the City...)
    Number One - yeah, this one has been officially released in an FAQ. According to the makers, you are able to "extend" your turn until you're absolutely out of things you can do.
    When it comes to the Yellow gang, yes it makes their turns a butt load longer and some people have claimed that this is the way it was intended. This is Yellow's advantage you know.
    But my thinking was that you should limit your turn at "some" point. If you'd like to see more of my thoughts on this rule, check out the "Bishop's Alternative City (of Remnants) Rules", I think it's like post number forty four, here's the link...

    Number Two - The only time the Black Market "availables" changes is at the beginning of a new round. Which means yes, the first player at the time gets to choose the best equipment and this is intentional (see answer number three...)
    Number Three - Okay, there's no rolling for initiative, except in the very beginning of the game. Each round after that, the First Player Token automatically passes to the player on the left. In this way, each player gets a turn to be first (and last) and that's when your chance to scoop best equipment comes (makes sense..?)
    Number Four - Ah the Communication Device... I think there's been a book and a half written on that one so I'm not about to rehash it all. Look and you'll find plenty of perspective on that one eh. The key is to discuss the way you want to use it with your players before you start playing huh.
    Number Five - The Technician ganger is what you're calling the "anti bid" card and yes, you can plop him whenever you feel the urge. This means that the player with the Techie can procrastinate as long as he wants before dropping it.
    Maybe he wants to see who's willing to bid and how much, maybe he's deciding if he even needs to use it at all. No matter, it's power comes in it's ability to be used "at will" so leave that rule alone and learn to respect that card. Take mental notes as to who has one and try to make it so you're the only one that has a Techie (then you can use him to acquire the others...)

    Good questions and happy Yugai hunting my friend..!

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