Me and my friend set up a game. I was the founders and he was the Vox. We got a little tied up voting but after that the game played smooth. The first vote for Wealth and I went all in on it. I had Fink as my leader and I used it to expand out and build a stronghold in Territory B. The Vox had MacKenner as their leader so they keep pushing attacks. A front was established in territory E with The Vox was winning ground and getting silver for every combat they entered. Booker was a pain for the Vox player as he got control of Elizabeth.

Our victory points were even for the most part. I was gain a lot of building victory points and Vox was racking them up with Elizabeth. In the end I was able to edge the Vox out with Infestation.

My keys to the game, control Territory B and use my leaders skills to build structures everywhere.

Why the Vox lost was because he did not establish a 2nd stronghold quickly and he did not use the skyline to attack my weak points. Oh and Booker really did not like him.

Very good and fun game. I have yet to get more people interested but I plan on spreading the word soon.