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Thread: Reccruiter - Minimum bid of 1000 required?

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    Default Reccruiter - Minimum bid of 1000 required?


    I just have a quick question that has come up in a few of my games of CoR.

    Do you have to bid more than 0 (1000 minimum) to utilise the Recruiter card or does using this card allow you to immediately turn a bid of 0 into a bid of 2000?

    I would assume it would be the latter, as it appears that opening an auction at 0 is still specified as "placing a bid of 0".

    I would just like some clarification. In the groups I play in there appears to be a straight 50/50 split in opinion on this one.


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    Hey Johnny..!
    The fifty fifty split is pretty standard I think. The official FAQ released a while back stated that every opening bid must be "zero" and we think it was a balance and fairness issue.
    I could list several links here that would point you to our many conversations about this topic but if you simply Google "City of Remnants beginning bid" you'll find 'em yourself.
    As to my personal feeling, well I allow and encourage an opening bid. Sometimes, in my games, people announce seven (or ten) ARCs when they announce who they want to recruit. I allow a Recruiter card to be played initially (for his two ARCs worth) and I allow the drop of a Technician if you choose.

    So your answer is: If you want to play "by the book", literally, every opening bid must be zero. This means that once someone else has a chance to bid, you may raise it from there.
    If you want to play the other side of the gang coin, discuss it with your players before you roll your first die (or pick your gang or do anything really)...
    You want to be in agreement before you start to avoid the whole argument in mid war you know.
    Fight the Yugai people..!

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