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Thread: Timely Arrivel and Voting question

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    Question Timely Arrivel and Voting question

    The Timely Arrival ability of the Vox Populi action card "Airship" says: "After you have played this card for any purpose..."

    The rulebook says the following for the Word Event Phase's Vote task: "...each player may play any number of action cards face down in front of him. Once each player has had a chance to play action cards, all players reveal their action cards."

    My questions are:

    Does playing the Airship action card during a vote count as "playing this card for any purpose"?

    If yes, when does its ability trigger?

    Before votes are counted?
    (If yes, and if after the successful Airship combat the player chooses a +1 vote upgrade for one of his cards, the new values will be used in the vote that is happening right now?)

    After votes are counted but before the effect of the vote takes place?

    After the votes are counted and after the effect took place?

    thank you

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    After the votes are counted, but before the event takes place. Sorry for the late reply. Hopefully this clarifies things for you.

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