I picked up Bioshock at GrandCon this last week, and my wife and I played our first game of it on Sunday. She was the Vox Populi, and I was the Founders. The game was going really well, and I had a good lead early on, but them my wife was able to snag the World Event where you can swap 2 locations on the board and she stole Monument Island out from under me. After that she started going for all of the areas in Territory A, and was doing really well with all of her attacks. I thought I had it in the bag when the Elizabeth Victory Point Card came up and I was able to control her for 2 turns, but then Booker finally came back with a vengeance and destroyed all of my defenses on the Hall of Heroes. They eventually moved to Town Center in Territory A and my wife was able to get control of Elizabeth for a turn when we were both at 9 Victory Points. I flew in Songbird and then tried to move as many people along the Sky Line as possible to get the last point for Controlling Elizabeth that I'd need, but alas, only 2 other units actually made it along the Sky Line, as I had no cards remaining for the round. It wasn't pretty, and my wife won a very well deserved first game of Bioshock. It was so much fun! I can't wait to get it to the table again!