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    So Ive noticed that you get issued like 5 or 6 destruction markers, and unfortunately you only use like 1 ( maybe 2 if youre lucky ) per game ... Ive also noticed that there are only 5 or so world event cards that have an aggressive Booker on them... I was thinking from the beginning how awesome it was gonna be that every play-through, the game board was gonna be constantly changing due to these destruction markers showing up... After looking at the rules for the destruction markers, It was pretty disappointing how little game impact these markers actually do. As a result, my friends and I ended up with a game-type that's surely to add more DESTRUCT to those destruction markers...

    1. We modified the destruction marker rules a tad bit.

    - Once a DM is placed, all units in that location are destroyed.
    - (optional) Units CANNOT move on the sky-lines THROUGH a DM. ( This rule excludes the songbird and the airship )

    ( These rules are gonna add more weight to having a DM on the board..)

    2. During the WORLD EVENT phase, instead of Booker moving to the number indicated on the world event card, you are going to use a random number generator...

    - There's a free app on the app store and android market that lets you set a minimum and maximum number that you want for it to generate.
    - There's also a setting that lets you repeat the numbers if you want... You set that setting so it won't repeat.
    - The app I use has a red die for a picture, and its called Random Number Generator.. ( Recommended )
    - This rule applies to all world event cards... Not just the ones with an aggressive Booker symbol

    ( This is done so that every location has a chance to be destroyed, not just the ones that are numbered on world event cards... )

    3. If an aggressive Booker symbol is shown on the world event card, move Booker accordingly regarding rule #2... If Booker lands on a location that neither
    faction controls and stays as such... At the end of the PLAYER TURNS phase, and before the discard phase, that location will be destroyed...

    - If Booker lands on a location that contains enemy units, a combat takes place.
    - If the player succeeds in defeating Booker, that location will not be destroyed... If Elizabeth was with Booker, that player now
    controls her.
    - If the player fails to defeat Booker, that location will be destroyed... destroying all units who took place in that combat.
    - If a player MOVES into the location with an aggressive Booker and fails to win the combat, that player will only lose 2 units.
    - The player who controls Elizabeth at the end of the round is awarded 3 silver eagles plus one extra silver eagle for every consecutive round that player
    controls her.

    4. After the vote in the WORLD EVENT phase... If a player controls Elizabeth, Booker will move to her location to rescue her.

    - If there's an aggressive Booker symbol on the CURRENT world event card, and Booker succeeds in defeating the player who controls Elizabeth... That
    location will be immediately destroyed, destroying all units in that location.
    - If there's NO aggressive Booker symbol on the CURRENT world event card, and Booker succeeds in defeating the player who controls Elizabeth... That
    location will NOT be destroyed, instead the player only loses 2 units. The rest retreat.

    - If a player moves into a location with a non aggressive Booker... Standard official rules apply.
    - There's a specific area on a certain Elizabeth timeline card that says that Booker will remain aggressive for the rest of the game until said thing happens...
    These destruction rules do NOT apply... That said, official rules will apply in this situation... Only when there's an aggressive symbol on the current
    world event card will these destruction rules apply.

    *REMEMBER... Aggressive attacking Booker will destroy the location... This applies if he's saving Elizabeth or just moving into a location with enemy units.

    This is just a little extra something you can do to spice up the game... Please, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment...

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