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Thread: Dungeon Run Solo Results!

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    Default Dungeon Run Solo Results!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the game, so I thought that before I tried teaching others, I would play solo to understand the rules. Solo is a great way to learn and pretty fun, too. I created this thread for everyone to share their best results with each hero while playing solo.

    Orc's Results:
    Birodin: 500
    Paelleal: 600

    I will update as I go.
    OrcElfArmyOne on Heroscapers, iOS, and Vassal as well.

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    Earthquake, tornado or wild fire probably.

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    Since the solitaire rules only call out 4 rules changes and none of them involve the tile count is would seem that you are intended to use the standard setup which is 1 start room, 4 standard rooms, 2 special rooms and a boss room.

    However since you are just playing for score it seems that as long as you always used the same number of tiles (no matter how many you use) you would be able to compare you score to previous games.

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    Look forward to reading further battle reports

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    Default Dungeon Run Quest (a solo variant)

    Made this quite a while ago. So has anyone tried this?

    The solo game plays smoothly. The only cluncky thing is to way to keep track of the tiles. One very easy solution is to use simple markers with numbers 1 to 20.
    Also coop should be easy to implement as you gotta rush before all four bosses are awakened.

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