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    Question Sky-Line question...

    Hi there,

    Whilst attempting to travel on the Sky-Line I rolled three 1's with the dice.

    The dice total was 3 but I only had 2 Actions Cards left.

    My girlfriend and I agreed at the time that I discard my 2 remaining Actions Cards but the unit survives.

    Now I am wondering should the unit have automatically been destroyed when you don't have enough cards to discard?

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    I believe you either discard the required number of cards, or the unit is destroyed. Discarding as many as you can and keeping the unit is not an option, or you could "discard" an empty hand to circumvent the requirement.

    In the situation above, you should choose to let the unit croak and hang on to the 2 cards.

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    Gelleetin is right. From the rulebook: "If a player rolls only numbers on the Sky-Line dice, he must discard a number of action cards equal to the roll total or destroy the unit that is moving." (emphasis mine)

    So if you can't discard enough cards to save the unit, you must destroy the unit. In that circumstance, however, you do retain those cards.

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