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Thread: Heart of Glorm Errata!

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    Default Heart of Glorm Errata!

    It has just come to my attention that there was a small mistake on one of the initiative cards in Heart of Glorm.

    I received a PM here on BGG from a member who asked about why Glorm was an all melee boss. This confused me because I know that Glorm has 2 initiative cards and that one of them is ranged.

    I do not actually own a copy of Heart of Glorm because we sold completely out at Gencon and I wanted as many people to be able to get it as possible, so I emailed a playtester and asked him to check his cards.

    He told me that both of Glorm's initiative cards are melee! Arrrrgh!

    Glorm Teleports initiative card is supposed to have the ranged symbol instead of the melee symbol!!

    Please help me spread the word about this mistake, and PHG will be taking the appropriate measures to set this right. I apologize for this.
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    I have some more rules questions about the Heart of Glorm, would this be an appropriate place to ask them?

    - Does Natural Healing apply towards poisoned wounds. Her ability doesn't specify.
    We have argued this both ways. She has natural magic, she knows herbs and roots, she would carry antidotes. But poison is supposed to be very difficult to overcome...
    The wording on her ability card doesn't specify. But neither do Ginger Root Wand, or Tilda's mace, and we assumed that poisoned wounds apply to both of those.

    Mindless Rats:
    - Filch's Pilfer and the Warrior ability Backslash both trigger on defeating a minion. The Mindless Rat is complicated because the story makes it sound like it is already defeated. But here it is fighting and I think when I knock it down I've defeated it again. But maybe it's not defeated until it fails to roll a * to stand back up. Or maybe I can't use it to trigger backslash or take cheese off the wheel at all because it's that unnatural. I want to be able to use backslash to deal it a killing blow, knowing that it could come back from the dead at any minute. Also, does Nere get to heal herself when she knocks it down the first time(and maybe subsequent times), after it finally dies and is removed from the board, or never, because she's killing an undead thing and no good can come from it.

    We're on chapter two (second attempt at chapter two) so maybe more questions coming!

    If this isn't a great place, I can open a new topic, but here we are with a sticky and everything.

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