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Thread: Various Rulings?

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    Default Various Rulings?

    Hey Guys! I recently got this game as part of the pre-order special and I've been playing as many games as I could.

    I really enjoy this game and my friends are digging it as well. However, like with any new game, there are bound to be some rulings that may come up that seem to fit in a sort of "grey area." I'll list out the questions here and any help and / or advice on these would be appreciated!

    The first ruling that came up was with the Vox's Sky Rider's Unlock ability. The ability allows a unit to move up to 3 spaces on the Sky-Line without rolling the Sky-Line dice. However the question that came up was: After those three space, can the unit continue moving along the Sky-Line normally?

    For example, the unit in question would move three spaces for "free," and then is the unit wanted to move more spaces, could he move and roll the Sky-Line dice to really go the distance, as it were?

    This next one involves the use of the Murder of Crows Vigor Card and the Airship card's Timely Arrival ability. During the turn, the First Player (Founders) played Murder of Crows on a space with the Airship and several high profile units. It was perfect stall tactic for the Founding player.

    However, the Vox player played his Airship card during his Produce Step. Normally, with Timely Arrival, the Airship would be able to move anywhere on the board for free. However, because Murder of Crows was played, preventing those units from moving, would it also prevent the Airship's Timely Arrival Ability from triggering?

    Third Question: When claiming the Elizabeth Victory Point Card, do you get a free upgrade for keeping Elizabeth and claiming the point card every turn? Or do you only get the upgrade for the first time you claim the card?

    The last one that came up is with the Elizabeth figure on the board. Once a player controls Elizabeth, can she be moved from location to location, much like a unit you control?

    I know this is a long post, but I'd rather post one long post than several smaller ones. Again, any and all help, advice, and tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Been waiting to get the game for about 2 weeks and counting, and the forum posts are a little sparse to scratch the itch (granted, it is a new game).

    Without knowing the exact wording on the games pieces, I can only guess and hope the admins will come and clarify

    1) If alternate abilities work the way they do in Summoner Wars, then it ought to be a "replacement" ability, meaning that the Sky Rider should move 3 spaces instead of rolling, rather than moving 3 spaces and rolling for more. However, this means that an ordinary unit could potentially move farther than the Sky Rider, which is a little odd flavor-wise.

    2) Regarding the Murder of Crows and Airship ability question, the rulebook says that the first player chooses the resolution order when 2 game effects happen at the same time. This seems like a huge (and somewhat unfair) advantage for the first player, but does make the voting more relevant.

    3) Would assume that it works in a similar way as first player token and upgrades - you only collect if you did not already have the item in question, so you only collect once.

    4) Will have to reread the interaction between the Booker/Elizabeth tokens, but the rulebook does say you can move up to 4 units that you "control".

    Can't wait to get my mitts on this and start playing!

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    Played my first game of this today! Loved it! Couple questions though:

    If Booker gets all aggressive, but goes to a location with ONLY a structure on it, does he ignore the structure, or blow it up?

    If I have a structure and no units during an attack, can I play combat cards? If not, does the enemy just auto-take that location? Or can I still roll the dice provided by the structure?

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    Good questions! To answer the first one: Yes, if Booker is aggressive on a given turn, and he lands on a space with only a structure, he will attack that structure.

    As for the second one: if your opponent attacks a location of yours and it only has a structure, you are still considered to be "in combat." so,, yes you would be able to play additional cards for their combat value and you get to roll the appropriate dice.

    Hope this helps, feel free to drop a line if you have any other questions!


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