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    We just finished our first game of BioShock and we have several questions about the game especially about Elizabeth.

    1. If you kill Booker and in the next round sequence Elizabeth's first move is to destroy the area she is currently standing in. What happends then? Where does she go, where does Booker go and how does it continue game wise for these characters?

    2. Why would you ever decide to attack Booker (since he is pretty buff) when the advantages are relatively small (Or are we missing something?) and he will strike back the next round to rescue Elizabeth? Since you can't move Elizabeth, or yourself (because you already moved to attack) this will only result in loosing your units and having the rest send back to your stronghold. What is the point?

    Hope to get some clarification on this.


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    1. Move to the next location in descending numerical order e.g. if location 8 (Laboratory Lutece) was destroyed then move to location 7 (H. Comstock Victory Square). Page 10, World Event Phase point 8 & 9.

    2. Elizabeth does become an advantage (if you control her) later in the game, granting bonuses and easy Victory Points which will win you the game.

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