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Thread: 2 player set up rules

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    Default 2 player set up rules

    Page 8, rule #6 states "The Founder player takes all of the blue action cards and forms his action deck. The Vox Populi player does the same with the red action cards."

    Since there are both light and dark action cards this is confusing. It should state just the dark blue cards for the Founder player and the light red cards for the Vox Populi player. It is very clear in the how-to video, which is where I went when I wasn't sure.

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    If I remember right, the components list labels the four different action card decks like this:

    1) The Blue deck. (What you call the Dark Blue deck.)
    2) The Light Blue deck.
    3) The Red deck (What you call the Light Red deck.)
    4) The Dark Red deck.

    I agree that it is confusing, but if you look it up in the components list, you'll figure it out without needing the video. The video is the easier way to learn, though.
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