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    Default When to Use Cards

    I find this is one of the most challenging parts of the game to figure out. I played and won twice. Both times I spent most of my hand on money for turn one, which seems like a good general idea.

    The second time I did something interesting: Aside from that turn, I never cashed in a card, and aside from one turn, I never voted but once. You can get a lot of money from location tokens, so it seems like the silver eagle value on cards isn't particularly important after turn one.

    Not voting I probably got away with because we didn't entirely know what our strategies were, but it is a particularly difficult challenge. If you are first player and both want the vote to pass and maintain first turn, you need to play heavy into the voting stack, but then your opponent can play nothing and save it all for battle. Once upgraded, cards can be more important than dice, particularly since you're (usually) limited to attacking with four units.

    I'm not entirely sure what to think for voting strategy. There are a couple events I really like to vote heavy into though (the one where you switch all units/structures from two locations is bonkers! Chant of Deception!), but most aren't going to hurt you too bad to ignore.

    It should be noted that we didn't attack each other until the last round. All the combat I was doing was to take over unoccupied territories and keep that pesky Booker away from my girl. I only felt brave enough for some player on player when the Elizabeth timeline granted me three extra cards are something like that and was able to ride the skyline in to one very sudden and explosive victory by destroying a stronghold and assassinating a leader.

    Thoughts on card strategies?
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    I'll agree with you Adam in that deciding what to do with your hand each turn can be quite daunting. At first, I would use more of my cards to win influence to get, and maintain the First Player Token. However, I found that using a lot of my cards first for influence gave a huge advantage to my opponent. Often times I would overextend and they could always place zero cards into the ring. I would get the vote ... but nothing else that round.

    I played another game and I was more choosy with which rounds I played for influence. That worked out much better as I could become more reactive to my opponents card playing.

    Another thing to consider are card upgrades. Not only which ones to upgrade, but also when to upgrade them. In the beginning rounds, perhaps upgrading money values would be more of a priority followed by attack and then influence. I suppose you can swap what you need depending on what you already drew and what the current board state is representing.

    It really is a tough one to ponder. but I will agree tht getting more of a cash flow at the beginning of the game is pretty paramount as you need those extra units to help take territories. I would also advocate being choosy in when you get the First Player Token. Having it represents a great advantage, however, stealing it at a very opportune moment can become very impactful.

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    Cards in this game can be a little intimidating. But I love the fact that they can be upgraded and used for any need that you have. For me, I don't like to be the first player as i can see what they other player is doing. If they are holding their cards for combat, I know it may be useful to keep some cards around. Also, not needing to discard your cards at the end of the turn is important. Maybe I want to save a few good cards so I can use them after I have upgraded them from combat.

    Also, the power of a bluff is helpful as a first player. I may have a strong combat card, so I play the rest for my resources and influence. I make myself look a little week and let the player against me think I am an easy target, only get pushed back quickly but a well played card

    There are a lot of cool aspects of this game, and I can't wait to learn more about it.

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    I have just started to play the game. So not really say anything about the strategies but I am getting to know many new things here which will definitely help me in my game.
    The strategy used second time is nice. Save everything for the battle. This will definitely help in later stages.
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