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    Default Actions during your turn

    Hello all,

    Just got my copy of City of Remnants in today, and I've got a quick question. I watched Rodney's instructional video and didn't find the answer, so I'm guessing I'll find it here. Here goes:

    Is there any rule against using the same action multiple times over the course of your overall turn? By this I mean, could you perhaps during your turn do two producing >>> developing actions and then a sell action on the third part of your turn? Could you move on one turn, resulting in combat, and then when it gets around to you again do another move resulting in combat? I know the rules say that on your turn you can do one of the available 6 actions, but does that refer to each time it gets around to you, or your overall turn of each round?

    Thanks for the help clarifying this for me.


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    You can do the same action multiple times during a round -- for example, if you wanted, you could spend the whole round doing a move action each time it comes to you

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