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Thread: Mice & Mystics: Lily and the Crow (Custom Campaign)

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    Default Mice & Mystics: Lily and the Crow (Custom Campaign)

    I thought it might be fun to create a custom scenario for the game. We're only in the midst of Chapter 2 (I'm playing with 3 five-year-olds), and they wanted to know more about Lily. I haven't played this yet, and thought about equipping her with a first-aid ability if it is too challenging.

    Mice and Mystics
    Prequel Adventure (for 1 player)

    Sorrow & Remembrance Chapter One-and-a-Half
    Lily and the Crow
    Choose a player to read the following aloud:

    Linera sipped the tea in her acorn cup, her red eyes measuring the new castle mouse in front of her. Tilda was her name, dressed in unfamiliar garments. The other newcomers, Maginos, Collin, Filch, and Nez were off with the guards planning a search party to look again for Lily. Linera sighed deeply as her thoughts returned to her absent daughter.

    “You have been most kind to us, Linera,” Tilda said. “You wouldn’t believe the day we have had, but don’t worry, Collin will find Lily and bring her back to Barksburg.”

    Linera set down her cup, and rocked back in her chair. “My daughter has always been adventurous, even before she joined the rangers. I knew trouble would find her sooner or later. As the daughter of the mayor, I think she thought she had to prove herself. Or she just loved putting herself in danger. I was never sure which. Why, there was this one time, when she was still a wee mouse and barely able to hold a bow, that Lily decided she would put an end to Old Crow once and for all.”

    Tilda sat forward, sensing a story was at hand. “Do tell! That crow scared me nearly to death! And Lily thought she could kill it?”

    There was a twinkle in Linera’s eyes as she recalled the boldness of her daughter. “No, not kill it. Lily wanted to capture it.”

    Chapter Objective
    Free Barksburg from the threat of Old Crow by lassoing its foot before the hourglass marker reaches the chapter end marker on the chapter track.

    Victory Condition
    Clear the Dining Hall Tunnels tile of minions, find the Lasso, secure Old Crow, and return to the tree entrance space on the Courtyard tile.

    Defeat Condition
    If the hourglass marker reaches the chapter end marker on the chapter track before Lily has met the victory condition, or if she has been captured, she is defeated.

    Chapter Setup
    Chapter End
    Place the chapter end marker on page 3 of the chapter track

    Party Setup
    Select only Lily for this chapter.

    Encounter Deck Setup
    Ignore the Encounter Deck during this chapter.

    Room Tile Setup
    Place the following 2 tiles as shown below: Courtyard, Dining Hall Tunnels.

    Special Chapter Rules
    Courtyard at Night
    Lily starts this chapter on the old gnarled tree trunk, at night. There are no minions around, and the Old Crow is asleep. She heads for the tunnels to look for a lasso. After her search in the tunnels, when Lily returns to the Courtyard, it is daytime and the Old Crow is awake. Ignore the encounter deck.

    Dining Hall Tunnels
    1) Story Moment: When Lily enters the Dining Hall Tunnels, choose a player to read the following aloud:
    Lily looked around in the dark tunnel.

    “I know I saw a length of string around here somewhere,” she thought to herself. “If I make it into a lasso, and tie it to one of my arrows, I’m certain I could lasso that Old Crow’s foot.”

    There was a sound of skittering echoing through the tunnel.

    “Roaches!” Lily said.

    2) Special Search: Lasso (Note: You can use the Fishhook in place of a Lasso String)
    3) Special Setup: Place 8 roach figures normally on the board.
    4) Special Surge: 2 roaches.

    Courtyard at Day
    1) Special Rule: Tree Entrance: A figure can only move onto or off of the tree entrance from the courtyard space adjacent to the hole in the trunk. All other courtyard spaces that share a border with the old gnarled tree are not considered adjacent. While on the tree entrance space, mice are safe from the old crow, but do not have a clear line of sight to the crow.

    2) Special Rule: The Dastardly Old Crow: When rolling to move a mouse, if a player rolls a 1 on the action die, the old crow swoops on the moving figure, causing 1 unblockable wound. But, if a player rolls a 1* and has the Lasso, the crow does not wound, and is instead captured.

    3) Story Moment: If Lily successfully captures the Old Crow, choose a player to read the following aloud:
    The arrow sailed through the air, trailing the long lasso behind it. The Old Crow squawked and tried to fly away, but Lily’s arrow was faster. The string looped around the crow’s foot.

    Lily held tight to the other end of the lasso, and sprinted across the courtyard. She quickly secured the string to a metal ring attached to the stone wall on the opposite end. When Lily returned to the tree trunk, she was quite pleased to see the Old Crow trapped, flapping its wings and pulling on the string. She had saved Barksburg!

    The Story Continues....

    “My goodness!” Tilda exclaimed. “I can’t believe Lily captured that Dastardly Old Crow! But wait, if she had leashed it, how is it still out there?”

    Linera chuckled to herself. “It didn’t take but five minutes for that Old Crow to snip through the string with its beak. Lily was devastated, of course, but it didn’t hold her back from going on other adventures.”

    Just then Nez popped his head into the Linera’s council chamber.

    “You gonna come with us, Tilda? Or are you stayin’ fer another story?”

    “Please find my daughter, and when you do,” Linera paused, looking Tilda in the eyes, “don’t tell Lily that I told you the story about when she captured the Old Crow.”

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    Cool idea. =)

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    This is very well written, and seems to fit perfectly into the story. I look forward to incorporating this into my game.

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    This looks like fun, I might play this on my own to learn more about the mechanics of the game to speed it up a bit when playing with others. Chronologically, is this supposed to be played after the 2nd chapter?

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    Getting back into Mice & Mystics. I have no recollection of posting this....

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