Cloaks Deck idea

Summoner :

Xarcis ( 7LP, 3AV, Sword)

Frontline: If Xarcis is on your opponent side of the battlefield add 1 to the attack value of Xarcis.


Instant poison (X2) : When a Viper attack a common or a champion unit, if this viper rolls an hit consider this hit like a poison counter. if a unit have a poison counter on it, the poison rules applies at the end of your turn.

The Mark (X2) : choose an enemy common unit, once per turn, at anytime during your turn, you may teleport Xarcis adjacent to That unit. A unit have the mark until he was destroyed or discarded.

Duel (X2) : choose 2 adjacent unit, one of them need to be one of yours, they attack each other at the same Time.

Reinforcement (X2)

Infiltration (X1) : until the end of this event phase, all common unit That you control are treated like enemy Units.

Champions :

Phym (7SC, -LP, -AV)

Morph: when you summon Phym, you may choose a common or a champion unit That is on the battlefield. Phym copy That card, same LP, AV, Symbol, Name until the end of the game.

Gordon (4SC, 4LP, 2AV, Sword)

Contract : when you summon Gordon you may pay 2MP, pay the other half when Gordon is destroy or discarded.

Malt (5SC, 5LP, 2AV, Bow)

Motivation : instead of moving normaly with Malt, you may pay up to 3MP. For each MP used this way, you may move Malt 1 additional Space.

Common :

Viper (1SC, 2LP, 1AV)

Poison : when a viper attack a common or a champion unit, for each 6 rolls by a viper, instead of adding a wound, add a poison counter. At the end of your opponent turn, add 1 wound marker for each poison counter on the unit. The poison counter rest in place.

Sharpshooter (3SC, 2LP, 1AV, Bow)

Elite : instead of moving you may add 1 to the attack value of the sharpshooter or you may attack twice with this sharpshooter.

Infiltrator : (0SC, 1LP, 1AV, Sword )

Honor : when this unit is destroyed, you may pay 1MP and take an infiltrator of your hand and place it on the same Space of the destroyed one.