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    When I originally first bought CoR, and played it a few times, I marveled at the apparent complete lack of the slippery Slope effect. The PHG balancing skill has shown itself again! Unfortuntately, there is a slippery slope affect in this game, its just that slope is SUPER hard to get to. But, it happens, and that sucks when it does. It can be stopped by simply rushing those green and blue players, but a good one will turtle to a win if you don't rush. So we created a new variant, called Bribery. At any time during someone else's turn, you may attepmt a bribe. It can be with whatever. Money, promise of actions, even gang members that aren't in your base deck. The one thing you can't bribe with is renown or base deck cards. For example, say red is about to move. I say "hey, dude, attack blue for me and i will give you 3 Arcs." He can accept or refuse me. If he accepts, unless the bribe is something i can only do on my turn, i must give him his payment. Well, technically, I don't. Another rule is unless the bribe was money, you can refuse to pay up. But that's pointless, given how if I don't pay, he won't do it. But say i said, "hey red, ill move off the green space if you attack blue instead of me!" He accepts. On my turn, I dont do it >. See the fun part? So here's the rules are neat and organiuzed.

    -At any time during someone else's turn, you may attempt a bribe. This bribe may be with anything except base cards and renown.
    -You and the person you are bribing may agree on when you will supposedly pay off the debt, but it must be during one of those 2 player's turns.
    -Unless the bribe is monetary in nature (ARC's), the briber may refuse to pay the debt. Be careful - this tends to make those duped players gun for you!
    -If a player bribes you, you may also choose to not do that action! Say blue bribes me(red) to not attack her for 3 ARCs. I accept- and then attack her!
    -You may bribe for services ONLY!!! That means you can't say "I'll give you 3 ARCs for your ex-soldier." You must be bribing for an action, such as, "I'll give you 3 ARC's to beat blue down to the ground," or, "I'll move off my weapon's district if you don't attack my casino!"
    -You may ask other player's to bribe you during your turn as a paranoia tool. Ex. Red asks blue to bribe him to not attack blue's base. Now blue needs to decided whether or not red's bluffing about attacking the base without a bribe, and then decide whether or not he/she can hold if red does attack.

    Be careful to guess your opponents intentions - if you attempt to bribe a player to do what he/she was gonna do already, you may be losing something important for no reason other than paranoia.

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