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Thread: Gang Strengths and Weaknesses... or lack thereof...

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    Default Gang Strengths and Weaknesses... or lack thereof...

    Hey guys..!
    I've played City of Remnants maybe thirty times in the past few months. I usually play with my ten year old son, the Rook, in two player battles. But I've also managed to get some of his brothers to play as well as some friends and neighbors occasionally. So I'm familiar with three and four player games and the differences.
    I've also tried to read everything I can on this game, both the Forums at BoardGameGeek and here at the good ole Plaid Hat.

    I've seen quite a bit about certain gangs being overpowered as well as some claims that some gangs feel underpowered. But I think we can throw those terms out there rather easily. I mean, anybody can get lucky and "appear" very powerful, almost unstoppable. Also, anybody can totally wreck a very strong team through inexperience or carelessness.

    So I want to take it to the next level. I want to give examples and show the hows and whys. And if you've read my How to Play City for Dummies thread, you know I think that the Green with his Money Mastery, is the strongest gang.
    With Mr Jara's Steal cards and it's trade a Renown for four ARCs, well it's almost a bulldozer to instant victory and it doesn't take an expert to see what Green should do on any given turn.

    So in the past, at times, I've experimented with different tactics. I've gone into the start of some games thinking, I'm going to try out "this" strategy. And usually they fail, sometimes miserably. But I chalk it up to trial and error you know. If I don't try, I can't learn what works and what leaves me bleeding on the side of the alley eh.

    I asked the Rook if he wanted to play a game and he of course, said oh yeah. I let him pick his gang first and he jumped on Green, like I knew he would (he loves winning)...
    I then took the second "best" gang in my opinion, Red. In a two player game, with Red's Mysterious Benefactor cards tradeable for five ARCs each, well I think it'll give me half a chance.
    So for this battle, I gave it my best. I used everything I've learned and didn't experiment at all. I went for Green's throat so to speak and I really thought I almost had him huh. I played extremely cautious and I tried to be perfect or at least, mistake free.

    But in the end, Green still soared and I was left with a giant Star Dust hangover. So I'll ask now, before the bullets fly, and I'll ask again at the end...
    What did I do wrong or what could I have done better..? Is Green really this unstoppable juggernaut and hence, overpowered..?

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    Round 1

    As the War starts, a War Drone and an Advanced Weapons appear in the Black Markets and I can already hear the Rook's drool dripping. Until he realizes that he's got the Green gang and he can't possibly afford the Drone's six ARCs in the first round. Score for the Red and I can take my time about acquiring it too. I'm actually thinking about grabbing them both, assuming I can get to both my Mysterious Benefactor's in the first round. I'm also thinking I can't spend all my beginning money on Black Markets as it would leave me without any sort of income so maybe I'll just aim for the Drone...
    When the initiative roll lands, it's Red first so, second point my way and I'm off to a good start.
    I manage to draw a Mysterious Benefactor in my first four cards, it's designated Yellow so I'll toss that puppy to the graveyard for the five ARCs and Buy the War Drone so I don't have to worry about forgetting it later. I see this as a no brainer, I could have moved and saved the purchase for a later action but at this point, I'm thinking it shouldn't matter "too" much. If I have to fight Green off the center space, I'd rather have my Drone already than to have to worry about buying him then. Plus I think Green knows I can take him in a fight now so he might be a little more cautious about losing a battle too early...
    For Green's first action, he'll lay down two Steals for the next two cards in his deck. This allows him to gain his Jara and he'll play him for the three ARCs. Then he'll Recruit a Trader boy, uncontested by me of course.
    I'm really surprised he didn't rush out to claim his center Renown space as is his usual tactic but again, there's that fear of my War Drone punishing him so, score a third point for the Bishop.
    For my second action, I'll play a Scout and move a figure into the City one space, drawing a card and hoping for my second Benefactor (nope). Then I'll head for the center of the City, taking a Move action.
    Green will do the same for his second action, although he doesn't quite Move as far as he could. He stays in his buddy system and seems to respect my distance as if telling me that if I want to come and get him, I'm going to have to go well past the center to do it.
    All fine with me, I'm trying to keep him "reacting" and succeeding (so far) in keeping him away from the easy Renown.
    For my third action, I need some homies and some figures and there really isn't any "great" ones. I'll Recruit a Trader for his discount on a future Black Market item, always useful if something I want pops up later.
    Green's third has him playing his Trader for a discount on the Advanced Weapons. I guess if he couldn't afford the Drone before I could, he's trying his best and that Advanced Weapons is his.
    Now if I were able, I might've tried to afford that, it is a helpful card. But I can't quite scrape the cash and I'm going to look at it like it's a minimal gain on Green's side.
    He plops those Weapons next to his player mat and it's my last action of round one.
    For my fourth, I'll take a Move action and I've managed to claim the center space and a Renown space on the Rook's side of the map (two figures on C 3 and D 4). With this setup, I'm weak out there yes, but I'm denying Green the easy Renown. I don't think he'll fight me and if he only gains one Renown at the end of this turn, well let's just say that there's a big difference between his twelve ARCs and four...
    For Green's fourth action, he'll take another Move as well, bringing in some more of his boys and securing his one Renown space.
    When the Yugai come, I'm seriously praying that none hit Green as this might give him some much needed Renown if he rolls luckily. Unfortunately, the strafing run hits Green twice, a strength of nine and an eleven.
    With plenty of support from his neighboring buddies, Green has no problem wiping the Yugai stain with his Mercenaries (and Advanced Weapons) and "somehow" rolls a five for one of his results giving him two Renown... I'm thinking it could be worse, he rolled a total of seventeen so no Influence Increase but damn that two Renown..!
    For the Renown phase, Green will get his one and Red some four.
    At this point, I'm thinking I didn't do too bad. I managed to force him to keep his distance and his hold on the center of the city is denied (so far). If it weren't for those Yugai, things would have seriously been in my favor.

    Round 1
    Action 1 - Red - one Mysterious Benefactor (Yellow) for five ARCs, Buy War Drone
    Green - two Steals, Jara, Recruit Trader
    Action 2 - Red - one Scout, Move
    Green - Move
    Action 3 - Red - Recruit Trader
    Green - plays Trader to Buy Advanced Weapons
    Action 4 - Red - Move
    Green - Move


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    Round 2

    In the new available gangers, we have Mr Bross Starstrider, Yellow's champion but still a decent fighter for either of us (strength of three). Not much of interest in the Black Markets.
    The first player token goes to Green and the beginning monies are two each.
    For Green's first action, he'll drop all three of his Steals, exchanging them for twelve ARCs, plus his Jara for a total of fifteen (man that sucks and really feels like a lot to start the second round with...)
    Then Green will Recruit the Starboy, uncontested as I know I can't outbid him and I don't really want to waste an action at this point.
    For my first action, I'll play a couple of Scouts moving two new figures into the City and drawing two more cards. I'm really trying to uncover that Benefactor for Blue so I can gain some much needed cash and there it is so I'll drop it permanently for another five ARCs. Now I have to be careful. With two out of three of my Benefactor's gone, I have nothing but the third (giving me only one ARCs) in my deck giving me money. Also, with no buildings yet, well I have to make an intelligent decision here...
    As much as I want to develop a money maker, I'm more interested in denying Green the Renown spaces because I know what happens when he has those. I'll develop a Stronghold on the center City square, ensuring that if he wants it, he's going to have to throw some bodies into that blender to get it.
    For Green's second action, he's sittin' on some healthy cash and I know it's starting to smoke up his side of the table...
    Green decides after some thought, that he wants a Stronghold as well so he'll plop it down on the C 5 single Renown space.
    For my second, I've moved some homies with my Scouts so I've got six figures in the City already, if I can throw four more out there I can get a much needed early Influence Increase. I just don't have that many in my pool so I might need to do some recruiting sometime soon.
    After some contemplation, I'll take a Move action and reinforce where I can, securing my hold on my conquerings.
    Green's third action starts by him looking frustrated. There's a second Advanced Weapons there but if he's not about to fight, another die doesn't help much.
    Green grabs another Stronghold and plops it on C 4 making a strong line of defense, even if he's only getting the one Renown from the City space at C 5.
    For my third action, I notice there's not much worth recruiting, I'll take another Move and really put my gang boot down on the center of the City. I've now got nine figures in the City and if I can recruit one more and use a Scout, I can get my first Influence increase.
    The Rook goes with another freakin' Stronghold..! For Green's fourth action, he'll spend another five ARCs (all of this he got from his three Renown and his Jara) and now, with three Strongholds, all well secured and buddied up, he'll be bringing in nine (ten with the City space) Renown and it's at this point that I start to wonder what I could've done differently.
    His first three Renown, thanks to the freakin' Yugai, provided him with fifteen ARCs which turned into three Strongholds and all he needs to secure a continual stream of money and Renown.
    For my fourth action, I'm actually considering attacking him. But I know the odds of breaking into a Stronghold are not good. I'm seriously thinking about snatching an Energy Pills so I can go "around" his Strongholds and maybe stall any more of his figures from entering but that's not going to help me slow his Renown race to victory. I still don't have any buildings or cards that help me generate funds either...
    In the end, I have to Recruit a Thief for his measly one ARCs and the much needed tenth figure.
    When the Yugai come, the Red gets hit twice and though I'm not scared, it doesn't seem to "help" much. I'll drop my everything in the hopes of the Influence increase and when it happens, I'm grateful. My result brings more Yugai but with my Scrappers, I feel like I can bash 'em all night.
    For the Renown phase, Green will scoop ten and Red will claim eight for my one Stronghold and the center space, plus the singles on C 3 and E 5.

    Round 2
    Action 1 - Green - three Steals, Jara, Recruits Bross Starstrider
    Red - two Scouts, Mysterious Benefactor (Blue) for five ARCs, Develop a Stronghold
    Action 2 - Green - Develops a Stronghold
    Red - Move
    Action 3 - Green - Develops second Stronghold
    Red - Move
    Action 4 - Green - Develops third Stronghold
    Red - Recruit Thief

    Yugai drop - Red's first Influence increase during battle


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    Round 3

    So already I'm looking at the City and those three Strongholds and wondering why my confidence fell so quickly.
    I thought I was doing pretty good in the first round until the Yugai. But the second round just made me cry you know.
    How do you stop Green from gaining fifteen ARCs by the beginning of round two..? And then, how do you prevent him from buying the best Black Markets, outbidding everyone on recruiting and developing at will..?

    For my first action, I'll play my one remaining Mysterious Benefactor for the single ARCs. I see Mr Ryzin Haru in the recruitables so I'll Recruit him, uncontested by Green. I know I need to develop a production style building here sooner or later because I need the cash so I'm hoping Haru will let me hasten the process with his free selling.
    He's also not a "bad" fighter with his strength of three for Red.
    Green's first is to Recruit a Thief, playing him to instantly gain an ARCs and drawing a card.
    Chugging right along, for my second action I'll drop a Scout, moving my tenth figure into the City and getting my second Influence increase before Green has his first (something that would normally make my confidence rise until I realize that Green can just buy his increase whenever he wants...)
    With the card I drew from my Scout, I get another Scout followed by a Thief so I'll gladly take the extra ARCs and a third card. Laying my Trader to discount a Black Market, I'll take a Trade Agreement just for the boost to my economy.
    The Rook's second action is a Move and he'll creep around the City, bringing his total figures to ten for his first Influence increase.
    For my third, I'm noticing Green's build up and I see that he might be thinking about attacking me soon. I'll take another Move action to boost my strength at what is becoming "the wall" outside of his Stronghold blocks. I know if I lose a battle out there, that the domino effect will ruin what I've been trying so desperately to hold on to. Now, with eleven homies out there, I've got the center space with my Stronghold and three out of the four single spaces plus I've got myself pretty reinforced and supported should the battle come.
    Green's three is more of the same madness. He drops his Jara, draws a card to see a Steal, drops it and draws a second Steal and in the end, gathers eleven ARCs (I wonder if he had his third Steal in his hand and just didn't want to see his old man cry again...)
    The Rook decides to stay with what works and grabs the last Stronghold, plopping it on B 3.
    For Red's four, I'm cursing that freakin' Stronghold tile and trying to think of what I can possibly do to salvage my situation. I absolutely loathe attacking a Stronghold and right now, Green's got them arranged in a wedge speartip fashion. Should he continue to plop tiles behind his "front line" well it's going to make it really hard for me to conquer, any of them...
    I attempt to Recruit an Informer boy, only to have Green up the bid. I remind him that it will cost him his final action but that doesn't seem to deter him.
    He bids two ARCs and I'm not about to spend money I can't easily replace (while to him two is petty change).
    That leaves me with a crappy Foreman but I'm trying to stay positive. At least Green couldn't develop again...
    When the Yugai come, we're more than ready. We have plenty of figures and they're all supported by neighbor buddies.
    For Renown, Green's up to thirteen with his Stronghold empire, Red's feeling lucky to gain nine.

    Round 3
    Action 1 - Red - one Mysterious Benefactor, Recruit Ryzin Haru
    Green - Recruit Thief
    Action 2 - Red - two Scouts (second Influence increase for Red), one Thief, Trader to Buy Trade Agreement
    Green - Move (ten figures in the City, first Influence increase)
    Action 3 - Red - Move
    Green - two Steals, Jara, Develops fourth Stronghold
    Action 4 - Red - Recruit Foreman
    Green - Recruit Informer

    Yugai drop - Green's second Influence increase


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    Round 4

    For the start of round four, the second War Drone appears and as I watch the first player token travel to Green's sweaty hands, I'm thinking "well there goes the ballgame"...
    For beginning monies, Green will gain the normal two and Red, five with his newly purchased Trade Agreement.
    Without hesitation, Green's first action is to Buy the War Drone, his "Thumper" as he calls 'im.
    Red's one is to Recruit a Fighter.
    Green's second action is to Develop a Protection and nestle it in the bosom of his Strongholds. This gives him five buildings in his control and his third Influence increase...
    For my two I'll lay all three Scouts and a Thief and I'm ever so slowly accumulating some cash, not much but maybe enough for "something". With just enough, I Develop a Junkyard and I'll plop it way back near my starting cross hair and hope it can make me some money fast.
    Green's three is to lay his three Steals and trade another three Renown for the twelve. Then he'll Move bringing more boys into the City and probably setting them up for another development to really "solidify" his Renown lead.
    Red's third action is to Recruit another Fighter, uncontested by the Rook.
    For Green's four, he'll Develop another Protection and there's really no stoppin' him. With an unlimited bank roll, he can develop at will and really, all he's doing is moving figures to secure future "ploppings"...
    My fourth action starts with a groan. I need "something" and this is beginning to feel really futile. I'll take a Produce Develop action just for the two product tokens on my Junkyard.
    The Yugai come and hit me twice on E 3 where I have only a single figure. An eleven and a seven and I might be a little worried if I didn't have a whole deck full of fighters (and Scrappers). With my six for Influence, I can assign fighters pretty freely and I dismiss the Yugai without a casualty.
    For Renown at the end of round four, Green will amass a whoping twenty one (four Strongholds, two Protections and a single City space). Red will cringe and collect thirteen bringing the end of round four.

    Round 4
    Action 1 - Green - Buys War Drone
    Red - Recruit Fighter
    Action 2 - Green - Develop Protection (third Influence increase for five buildings)
    Red - three Scouts, one Thief, Develop Junkyard
    Action 3 - Green - three Steals, Move
    Red - Recruit Fighter
    Action 4 - Green - Develops second Protection
    Red - Produce two tokens on Junkyard


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    Round 5

    Round five brings Mr Odin Kester to the table, not that Green really needs 'im.
    Beginning monies has Red getting five for his Trade Agreement and Green sliding eight his way for his two Protections.
    The first player token will return to Red and for my first action, I'll drop two Scouts and my Thief, then I'll lay my Ryzin Haru for his free sell of my Junkyard tokens. This combo nets me eleven ARCs for the Junkyard plus Thief and I'm feeling slightly better with some money in my pocket. With my beginning five plus the recent eleven, well I'm almost feeling like Green does, all the time.
    I'd like to keep my money rolling in so I'm going to snag a Thieves Tools from the Black Market and I'm almost considering filling my shopping cart full of some extra Renown. I know I have to "catch up" somehow but I haven't quite got the money I'd need you know...
    For Green's one, he'll Recruit Mr Odin Kester and I really don't know why, he clearly doesn't need the extra money on the side. Maybe he sees his four in combat strength and I can almost hear Mr Kester saying what, you want me to fight.!?
    My two and I'll Recruit Gambler until Green ups my bid. He drives me up to seven ARCs and I'm wondering if that freak was worth it, he never seems to make his roll when in my hand.
    Green will Recruit a Dealer boy.
    Red's third action starts with a Scout. It ends with me playing a Trader for a free Broadcast Equipment. I'm continually looking for ways to eek out more Renown and when the fighting starts, if I can win some battles, well it might put me "closer"...
    Green's three is a Move and it's time for the first real battle. Two of his figures on my two for the Renown space at C 3. It's his seven dice against my four though (freakin' Advanced Weapons).
    Attacker assigns cards for the battle first and I'm thinkin' I might not win this one as I watch the Rook lay seven cards face down. My only hope might be to hit him back, after he hits me so I'll lay a single card and know that that poor soul simply bought the Red gang some time.
    When the dice hit, it's bad, real bad but then I assumed that would happen. Poor Foreman, he really wasn't going to help all that much anyway...
    For the second phase, Green will plop another seven and just as powerful. I can lay six and I need to win this one.
    When it's all said and done, it's still seven dice against three now. I rolled decent but still lost by like two points. One of my Fighters joins the Foreman in the graveyard...
    Well that sucked. It's my fourth action and I'm wondering if I can counter attack. I've still got some cards in my deck whereas Green has very few. But because of his positioning, he's still got way more dice than I can manage. Ugh..!
    I'm going to avoid more fighting and grab an Energy Pills thinking if I can utilize it to hit him from behind, maybe I'll have a chance at taking one of his tiles "someday". Or maybe it'll just discourage him from hitting me where it counts again.
    Green's final action is to play his Dealer making his Development of a Weapons District slightly cheaper. Where does he plop it..?
    You guessed it, right there in the front on his newly captured C 3 making that space worth five Renown. Double ugh!
    When the Yugai come, we're almost worried because we have little left in our decks. But with all our figures out there, we've got plenty of dice.
    I'm forced to pay three ARCs from my result and Green gets to pass me a Renown (woopt) plus I'll get one for beating a Yugai with my Broadcast Equipment.
    For the Renown phase, we have to bust out a freakin' calculator for Green's empire. He totals twenty six while Red totals twelve.

    Round 5
    Action 1 - Red - two Scouts, one Thief, Ryzin Haru, Buys Thieves Tools
    Green - Recruit Odin Kester
    Action 2 - Red - Recruit Gambler
    Green - Recruit Dealer
    Action 3 - Red - one Scout, Trader to Buy Broadcast Equipment
    Green - Move (Battle for the C 3)
    Action 4 - Red - Buys Energy Pills
    Green - Dealer to Develop Weapons District


    Round 5 Action 3 - Foreman
    Round 5 Action 3 - Fighter


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    Round 6

    Round six begins and it's looking grim. The third War Drone arrives but it's Green's round with the first player token so I'm pretty sure that Thumper's goin' to the Rook...
    For beginning monies, Green gets his eight and Red, five once again.
    Green's first action involves droppin' two Steals for eight ARCs, a Thief for one and he'll drop his Trader to make the Buy of his Thumper cheaper by three.
    For my one, I know I need to do something fast. I think I won round one in the Renown category but every other round has gone Green and even while he's spending his for cash, I'm pretty sure he's at least fifteen (or twenty) ahead of me. If I'm to have any hope at a win here, I need to collect some serious Renown.
    I'll start with two Scouts to move a couple of figures and the cards. I'll play my Gambler but his roll sucks (as usual) so no extra cash from him. I'll lay my Thief for one and my Mysterious Benefactor (Green) just for a second ARCs and take a Produce Develop action laying two products on my Junkyard and developing a second Junkyard with my hard earned cash.
    For Green's second action, he'll Recruit a Gambler and after continually being disappointed with his "luck", I won't contest him and I'm seriously rethinking the seven I spent on my own Gambler not too long ago (of course this was when I thought he could bring me some much needed ARCs...)
    My two and I'll lay my Ryzin Haru to sell three free products. Being that I only have two products and they're on my Junkyard, I'll snatch a cool ten ARCs from Haru without wasting an action (see how that's done Gambler boy..!)
    In my desperation for more Renown, I'll take another Produce Develop action, placing two tokens on each of my Junkyards (hopefully I can sell 'em all for twenty ARCs soon) and I'll take an Underground Casino because I have a couple of figures just hanging out in green City spaces (the Casino can go on blue or greens but I happened to have a spot where it'll fit and it's "fairly" separated from Green's army so, best I could do eh...)
    Green takes a Move for his third and now has all sixteen figures in the City. All buddied up, couldn't be any stronger...
    For my three, I'll take a Sell action and shed my four tokens on my Junkyards for the twenty ARCs (boy that's nice, taking four five ARCs tokens and laying them in your pile).
    Unfortunately, my good vibe doesn't last long as Green's four has him Moving again. Right to my D 5 space and it's battle number two of the War.
    I've got five figures that can contribute for five dice, Green's got six but one Advanced Weapons card and one Weapons District for eight dice.
    As I watch him lay seven cards again, I'm thinking man, I really can't beat him and his two Thumpers, his Bross, Odin, Jara with Bodyguards and Mercenaries. My best bet might be to throw the first phase and try to hit harder in the second and third (and yeah, if you're screaming don't do it, well it's only because I've learned from experience that the Rook throws "everything" in his first wave and sometimes doesn't consider that he might not have much in the second and upcoming. Believe me, I've tried to go toe to toe with him in the past and we both end up "close" with me still loosing. So I throw the first round, forgive me...)
    I'll lay a Scrapper because I've used all my crappier cards already and I can't risk loosing something "bigger" by drawing blindly.
    The dice fall and I actually rolled pretty well. I'm wondering if I should've played that one out with my max power but I can only regret so much and I'm not starting here and now. Scrapper goes to the Graveyard and I'm unloading my "all" now.
    Green reminds me that he had an Informer in there so he needs another three Renown with a smile...
    Then he'll lay another seven cards and I'll lay six. Before the roll, Green's got a strength of twenty five (yeah, I know). I've got my War Drone, my Garius, two Scrappers, a Scout and a Fighter for twenty. His eight against my four, not great odds...
    Green rolls a total of thirty nine and I get a sad twenty seven tossing my Scout to the grave.
    The only consolation I can take is that that space D 5, wasn't worth much to me. Sure it makes Green's position even stronger and prevents me from going around his army to the south with any success. But really, by now, I know it's pretty over...
    For my fourth action and last of the round, I'll Produce Develop and lay four more tokens on my Junkyards. Then I'll roll for my Underground Casino successfully for six ARCs and plop a Weapons District tile on the D 3. This gives me five buildings under my control and two of them are green meaning I'd gain two Influence increases (if I could). As it is, it's my last available increase so I'm finally sittin' at seven with the Rook.
    That makes three buildings I've laid in round six, an additional eleven Renown if I can hold the Yugai off 'em. But I didn't manage to take away any of Green's tiles so I believe he's still going to win this round...
    When the Yugai come, both of us have little left in our hands (again). I manage to get hit three times, all three with only a single figure and not much support. Being forced to hold my buildings, I actually have to bribe the metal monsters away. Thank goodness for my sell action back in action three...
    For Renown, Green will back his pickup truck to the loading dock and forklift twenty six again. Red will gather twenty three and if only I could've collected this much earlier (because with Green spending at least three per round on his economy, that would've left us roughly "tied"...)

    Round 6
    Action 1 - Green - two Steals, one Thief, Trader to Buy War Drone
    Red - two Scouts, one Gambler, one Thief, Mysterious Benefactor, Produce Develop second Junkyard
    Action 2 - Green - Recruit Gambler
    Red - Ryzin Haru, Produce Develop Underground Casino
    Action 3 - Green - Move
    Red - Sell
    Action 4 - Green - Move (Battle number two for D 5)
    Red - Produce Develop Weapons District


    Round 6 action 4 - Scrapper
    Round 6 action 4 - Scout


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    Round 7

    The first player token will travel back to Red so it's me first on what will probably be the last round of the War.
    I'll lay my Benefactor, a Gambler which still can't win me his two ARCs, my Thief for the one and I'll Sell another four products from my Junkyards for the twenty giving me plenty of money to try to buy Renown from the Black Market for the rest of the round (I think that's my only hope).
    For the Rook's one, he'll drop two Steals and draw two cards without trading them for Renown and this is when I know I'm beaten. When Green doesn't need the money and keeps his Renown, well there's no bigger, brighter neon sign you know.
    He'll then try a Move action where he storms my center Stronghold space. He moves three figures, one at a time and attempts the five or six roll to gain entry. Luckily for me, he fails three times in a row and loses a Mercenary and two Bodyguards in the human blending machine.
    My second action is to lay a Scout and move a second figure to my central D 4 (where Green just tried to penetrate me). Then I'll buy the Advanced Weapons with as much additional Renown as I can afford, seven, and just maybe I can start to close the Renown gap.
    For Green's two, he'll play his Dealer to cheapen the Development of the Gatorum Tower and plop it at his newly conquered D 5 (he could Produce with this action as well but none of his buildings "produce" products eh).
    Red's third action is to Buy a Forbidden Knowledge and really, I can't afford any extra Renown this time. I don't have any other Forbidden's so it's pretty pathetic but there's really not much else I can do at this point.
    The Rook's three is to Recruit a Technician bringing me to my last decision of the game most likely...
    For my four, I'll Buy another Broadcast Equipment for it's one Renown.
    Green's final action is to Recruit an Informer boy. With the three figures that perished trying to storm my Stronghold, Green can reacquire some recruits but it's really an empty action as he knows that this is the finish line of the War. Once he collects his Renown, it's the end time.
    When the Yugai come, we've got plenty of cards and figures to blow them away without a challenge.
    For Renown, Green will claim his twenty six for the third round in a row, plus his Gatorum Towers where he rolls a four for a whoping total of thirty. Red will scrape twenty three and wipe tears away...

    At the end of this round, we total up our "piles" to see that Green won with one hundred and thirty five to Red's one hundred and twenty one. Now we may have counted wrong and maybe we were off by a bit (as the night gets later and I get tired and cranky, I stop counting so closely)...
    But I know that Green had me, he won every round but the first.
    And I'm left to wonder what I could've done differently you know.

    Round 7
    Action 1 - Red - Mysterious Benefactor, one Gambler, one Thief, Sell
    Green - two Steals, Move (into Stronghold unsuccessfully)
    Action 2 - Red - one Scout, Buy Advanced Weapons plus seven Renown
    Green - Dealer to Develop Gatorum Towers
    Action 3 - Red - Buy Forbidden Knowledge
    Green - Recruit Technician
    Action 4 - Buy Broadcast Equipment
    Green - Recruit Informer


    Round 7 action 1 - Stronghold kills Mercenary, two Bodyguards (Green's)


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    Looking back, I can see that Green is really (really) powerful once he has those first three Renown. With Jara and three Steals, he can easily accumulate fifteen ARCs and really, there isn't anything else in the game that can even come close to that. If it were a one time thing, similar to Red's Mysterious Benefactor's (and then even only if it's a two or three player game), then I might think it were "fair" on some level. But should the Green player chose, a Refresh is all it takes to pretty much grant him another fifteen ARCs.
    If he picks up some cards that help him cycle through his deck, some Thieves Tools, Gamblers and Thieves, well Green becomes undeniably unstoppable.

    If there was a weakness to Green, I'd say I should've attacked him in the first round. With his Jara spent, maybe I could've eliminated a few of his boys and forced him into a tiny little corner of the phone booth. Maybe I would even have held him to no Renown because he couldn't fight off the Yugai and gain those extras.
    So if I had any advice to anyone going up against the Green Money Machine, I'd say attack him as soon as possible and don't stop attacking. If you let him get three Renown, it's game over.
    Also, if you lose any of those battles when you're hitting him early, it's pretty much over as well.
    You almost have to hope and pray for some bad rolls by his Mercenaries to even stand a chance here. Don't believe me, try it...

    As far as Red goes, his Scrappers really are his best asset. You have to have those puppies in your hands, usable and reusable when you win. With your Scouts, you can rush a bit faster than others and you have to use these cards just to speed through your deck to get to your Benefactors.

    Red's weakness is also his Benefactors. If you're forced to spend that money early, on a Black Market or because you need to outbid someone on a recruit, well you're left with little or nothing in your deck's economy. So you have to spend this money wisely. You have to invest it in something that can generate you some lasting income, otherwise it's a sad crawl while everyone else is running.

    If I could've gone back and hit the big rewind button, I think I should've spent less time moving and repositioning. I should have invested in the Junkyards sooner, gotten my money situation better. Then maybe I could've spent more time on offense instead of playing a lot of defense.

    Hey so post your thoughts people, share your experiences. We can all learn and get better if you share just a little.
    Also, fight the Yugai..!

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    You made your mistake in round one. Green are the turtle happy money makers that enjoy nothing more than to sit back and relax once they have a system going. I like to bum rush em with yellow or red. unless he's stupid, the green player will have to play Jara because otheriwse bodyguards suck and mercs can't handle a solid force themselves. Plus, of course, his combat strength. With blue, its more a resource war, but green WILL lose if they don't do anything to a rapidly teching blue player. By the time they get 20 renown and their buttload of money, blue will have like 160 renown, no joke. The green player will have to act. I personally hate green and everyone i play with considers them weak, mostly due to unpredictable mercs and bodyguards being one trick ponies every round. This makes them susceptible to rushes.
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