Brains of Brawn? I easily consider this match the pinnacle of my Dungeon Run career. I don't want to say the names of my fellow explorers so I'll say them as their character choices.

The game started as a normal one. In this game I was, as always, Stabbins. In order of me to the left were The Fourth Vessel (Guy), Dorgan(Guy), Birodan(Girl), Emma Goodluck(Girl) and Vargagg(Guy). Playing Vargagg was the very person who taught me how to play, I prepared myself to lose because he was very good. The game started normally, with little conflict...Until the Wand of Leaching was revealed. The Fourth Vessel was fortunate to obtain this jewel of a weapon. However, he wasn't the only one who wanted it. Biroden had had the ability that game him magic training, and he knew the weapon was good. Right off the bat she attacked him and defeated him, three turns into the game. From then on out they were constantly attacking each other. So much so, in fact, that they never had the opportunity to advance. We continued the game until the boss was revealed. At this point I had achieved plenty of brawn, but not as much as Vargagg who now had about 9 or 8. He warped the boss to himself and defeated him easily. Now he was a major threat to me. Throughout the game I made everyone love me. I gave them treasures and helped them defeat foes. Vargagg was three tiles away from the entrance. I was wise enough to know that if I moved onto his tile that his ability would trigger and deal me wounds. However, my friends weren't. I suggested that The Fourth Vessel should move onto his tile and attack him. He obliged, because I had given him good advice before. When he stepped onto Vargaggs tile though, he took two wounds, leaving him with one life left.
"[Vargagg]," I told him "You're going to die. So why not deal him all the wounds and block nothing?"
Instantly Vargagg erupted with protest, telling them how I was tricking them. True to me though, The Fourth Vessel did it, dying in the process. I shook his hand and told him how honorable he was before excusing him from the table to return to the party. Vargagg wasn't dead however. Next was Dorgan, but he was no fool, much to my disliking. Recognizing my tricks, he stepped off our tile and stood in front of the entrance. I shrugged and let Birodan. I told her the same thing as The Fourth Vessel and she stepped onto the tile containing Vargagg. She pulled the same thing as The Fourth Vessel and died, taking Vargagg with her. We all cheered and the two left, one more happy than the other. Now the stone was on the ground and it was Emma Goodluck's turn. She stepped forward and took it, backing up to the same tile as me. As it so happened, Emma and Dorgan were twins, and quite pleasant with each other. I backed up with Dorgan, leaving Emma in front of us and in between her and the entrance. I could have killed her, but that would have left me wounded. Turning to Dorgan I whispered,
"[Dorgan], your going to lose if we don't get rid of [Emma]. You need to kill her."
He objected, saying how I was just tricking him. Of course I was, but I didn't tell him that. After awhile, I swayed him to my side and he moved up, killing his sister. I wasted no time in moving up and slaying him, winning myself the game.

Brains or brawn? I'll stick to brains, thank you very much.