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Thread: Is there a formal application form for Mice and Mystics Playtesting?

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    Default Is there a formal application form for Mice and Mystics Playtesting?

    Sorry to ask but what I've seen on the Plaid Hat Games site so far was a Summoners application form. I only ask because the only plaid hat game I've played so far was M & M [but not the trademarked CANDY], so I didn't want to submit the Summoners application and end up playtesteing expansions to games I've never played before, [assuming I was even lucky enough to be selected]. My boyfriend and I have just crushed through this game, once with the actual characters, then once with Redwall-esque characters [Moles and Otters and Hares oh my!]. Now its to the point where he suffers my forcing him playtest my little Redwall fanlet versions of the game, but I'm sure he'd much rather playtest the real expansions at this point, as a delightful change of pace.

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    I'm not sure there actually is one. Plaid Hat may not have a need for Mice and Mystics play testers at the moment. However, if you love the game so much and want to spread it, I suggest joining the Plaid Hat Corps under the events section.
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    I'd love to get info about your Redwall characters. Those were my favorite books growing up.
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