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Thread: This is not a fighting game - intial thoughts on first session

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    Default This is not a fighting game - intial thoughts on first session

    So we played a portion (3 rounds) of a game yesterday trying to get a feel for how the game flowed - 3 player

    What we figured out was:

    This is not a fighting game and b) The red fighter cards that go back in your hand are crazy strong

    If you dump your entire hand on the first battle, and you then have a second battle, in that same turn, you better have guys surrounding yourself for battle dice or you are going to lose

    The ability to claim how many cards you will use second, is very valuable if you keep two people per space

    Bunching up is good, using your moves to get 2 guys to the left and right of the square you want to attack is key, to get enough battle dice to not have to rely on cards to get the win

    Drawing cards initially at the start of the turn is huge, you must get to 7 influence quickly and the cards that let you get two more cards at the start of the turn are a huge advantage

    Yellow is going to cycle the deck every single turn, and generate a lot of free 1k money

    4 actions per turn seems like a lot but it is hardly enough to do everything you want to do

    This is a pretty fun game with a lot of different concepts, it seems like it will play nicely with 3, but probably best with 4

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    Hi again Dapuma..!
    Hey I think this is a "fighting" game but I don't know what you're comparing it to you know.
    If all of your players want to play the economy game and ignore the fighting each other aspect, yes, then this game becomes a race to the most Renown.
    Usually, what happens in my games is that the person or player that gets off to the "worse" start, usually realizes he (or she) can't possibly catch up (in Renown) and is forced to Move his homies to the other side of the City in the hopes of beating the economy winners senseless.
    The Red gang's Scrapper cards are intentionally strong. But they sorta hinge on one thing, fighting. If you're not fighting and playin' economy, the Scrappers are almost worthless.
    So it's Red's way of compensating. They're not so good at economy, but they're awesome at combat.
    The other part of the Scrapper is that the Red gang has to "win" battles for him to return to the hand.
    Use the "buddy system" and keep two figures on every square, near each other at all times and the Red gang is forced to think twice before attacking.
    Nothing depletes Red's deck like tossin' Scrappers to the graveyard...
    In battles, try not to "dump" your whole hand in the first battle (unless you know you need to win that battle). Try instead, to gage what you have sittin' in your draw pile and compare it to what your opponent is playing (if you're the defender).
    If you only need one or two cards to win the battle, don't lay any more than that because you'll need those fighters for the next phase (or the Yugai).
    The Computer Terminal is the card that lets you draw two additional cards at the beginning of your turn and yes, it can be pretty significant in the early game.
    But remember, if you "spend" an action purchasing the Terminal, you could've spent that action in a different fashion to give you just as much benefit "long term" (Trade Agreement or Advanced Weapons comes to mind).
    If you're the Yellow gang, like you said, he blows through his whole deck every turn (most of the time) and a Computer Terminal for Yellow is a complete waste (I think).
    And finally, four actions per round is just right. In the beginning, try to think about what you want to "do" in a "general" way.
    A good tactic is "build a strong economy in the first round" or "swamp your opponent with Red figures" then try to work your way towards that goal. Sometimes a War Drone "appears" on the Market and your plans have to deviate. But for the most part, stick to your plan.
    Another good tactic is "try to prevent my opponent from doing what he wants".
    Keep on fightin' the Yugai people..!

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