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Thread: Communication Device

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    I don't think that is how it is supposed to go Bishop

    You only shuffle your draw pile IF you looked at it and you do not shuffle the discard pile back into the draw pile is my understanding from what I have read

    My other question is there a card STACK, so to speak...does the stack have to resolve to use a card that has been played

    Example: I attack X area with my figure, and then when combat beings I play Thief to draw 1 card and gain 1000 arcs, can I then play Communication Device and grab that same thief and use him for attacking power

    Example 2: I play Zar into the battle and if I am red I gain my 5 points, then I use Communication Device, pull him from the battle and then play him again for another 5 to make 10 attack power?

    Basically double play a card, when do the points or actions resolve is my question

    Also seems like Cycling Odin Kester would be good, can always make sure you have him in your hand and get 3k a turn...if need be he can be used for defense against Yug if needed
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    Hey Dapuma..!
    I think my interpretation of the Communication Device is just one of many. You might have to experiment with it for a bit until you fine tune it just so...
    In my games, it never really comes up that often as most of my players (myself included) don't see the value maybe.
    Your question is one that has come up a couple of times now and I wonder if I can contribute to a logical chain of thought and inspire some others to add their thoughts.
    And the question is one of order.
    We know that when it's your action, you can "play" cards and activate those card's special abilities "freely" (a good example is playing the Gambler card, which lets you draw a new card and roll to see if you gain some ARCs).
    And we know that you can Move figures and initiate combat.
    But maybe it's never been spelled out, when your turn actually "ends" and you can no longer use cards or "play" them.
    If you purchase the Black Market item Trade Agreement, after you've picked up the card you can lay it next to your player mat, all in the same action.
    If you Recruited Mr Odin Kester, you could lay him next to your player mat in the same action as well right..?
    So at what point, if any, are you prohibited from laying down cards to activate their special ability...
    Interesting eh.
    If in Dapuma's example, when he's declared a Move action and begun his combat phase, can he "switch it up a notch" and lay his Thief card for it's special ability..?
    Maybe that's a general guideline rule because that seems naturally "wrong" to me.
    I think once you've started a combat, you can only assign cards to the battle (and effectively, use their "Battle" abilities).
    If you wanted to use your Thief, you should do it as a "pre-action", before you moved.
    Are you prevented from playing cards after a battle..?
    After your opponent has straight up rejected your junk, can you lay a Communication Device and recall your best fighter, giving you the "sorta free" shuffle in the process..?
    If you were Yellow, could you lay a Disciple after combat and draw two new cards?

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    The Official Errata is out on this. The text of Communications Device has been changed. You now have two options when you play the card:

    (1) play Communications Device, search your discard pile for a card and put it into your hand, then place Communications Device on top of your discard pile; or

    (2) play Communications Device, search your draw pile for a card and then put it into your hand, then shuffle only your draw pile (because you looked at them) and do not shuffle your discard pile or do anything else to it, then place Communications Device on top of your discard pile.

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