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Thread: How to Play City (of Remnants) for Dummies...

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    Hey again Ranior..!
    I saw your article today and thought it was an excellent run down of the slums tiles.
    I'm looking forward to your future articles and on my end, I think I'm just about "ready" to share my Yellow tactics.
    Indeed they've been the most "abstract" if that's a usable adjective...

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    Yeah! I think the blue tiles are particularly interesting as you have some really really good ones (Junkyards and Recruitment Districts) with some really really bad ones (Slave Trader).

    It'll be fun to do some run downs. I'm hoping to get a game in tonight, so maybe if I'm smart I'll record the action so I can post a report somewhere. I'm enjoying playing around with the strategy in this game, even if a lot of others aren't talking about it yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixio View Post
    As for Ranior, he's a little more difficult to deal with and can do some real damage.
    Tournament Record: 37-18

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    All right, I thought about posting this as a new thread but I didn't think it was "right".
    Any time you post a rules change that goes against something the game designer(s) want (or wanted), well it's almost a slap in the face.
    For those of you who have read my whole thread, you know there's nothing in me that wants to slap our game's creators...
    Indeed I have the utmost respect for them and I truly love this game. I therefore have decided to "bury" this post in the middle of my little corner of the internet in the hopes that only my "die hard" fans will find it.

    The Bishop's Alternative City (of Remnants) Rules...

    Okay, I've noticed in my month or two of playing this game, that there are some grey areas where some rules aren't crystal clear.
    I'd like to get the makers thoughts on these issues but I also realize that they are sometimes busy people, and not immediately able to make rules clarifications.
    So here's my "house" rules and I am in no way trying to stamp these into the cement know what I mean.
    These are just here, as an offering (and a tribute) in a totally optional way and if you don't like 'em, don't use 'em.
    Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask away huh, my cement is never really "dry" or, far from it's mud form.

    Alternative Rule Number One : When two (or more) battles occur simultaneously, and they are adjacent, neither square gets the benefit of "support". The most frequent case of this happening is when the Yugai drop.
    If you happen to have figures in adjacent squares and they both have to face off against the Yugai, they are considered "engaged" at the moment and cannot help their homies next door.
    In this picture, the Yugai cards have been drawn at the beginning of the Yugai phase and two tokens have been placed at the "same" time, a strength of five and nine.


    Now, when it's the Red player's turn, he (or she) can decide which battle to resolve first, but cannot benefit from the support he would have from his adjacent homies, or, the adjacent homies that are fighting their own battle eh.
    Knowing that the strength of nine Yugai will be toughest, Red chooses (wisely) to tackle that square (F 3) first.
    With only one figure in F 3 and one in G 3, the Red player will only have two dice to work with.
    Assuming he played his cards right and defeated that Yugai, he will now have to conduct the next battle, remembering that he cannot benefit from the figure at F 3.
    For the strength five Yugai at F 2, the Red player will have a total of three dice, makes sense..?
    Now, if when you've finished a battle, you manage to bring down the wrath of a new batch of Yugai, these are considered to have "happened" at a different time (I know, it gets a little complicated when you're trying to remember what happened where and there's alcohol being consumed late at night but realize that this does not happen all that often)...
    So you would be able to support adjacent figures, as long as the Yugai card didn't contain two adjacent squares (never happens) on the same, single card.
    Now the other instance where this happens occasionally, is when a Move action leaves more than one square contested.
    As has been talked about before and pointed out by Psytrooper, the rule book clearly states that no more than one contested space is allowed in a single action, period. And I imagine it's to avoid this argument, the one where everybody tried to decide what happens "first".
    My alternate rule clarifies it a bit, I think. The only thing you need to remember is that you can't support each other when you do this.
    In this picture, the Red gang has an Influence of six and an Energy Pills card that he wants to use to rid himself of the evil Yellow once and for all.


    With his ability to Move six figures up to five spaces each, he can shift his figures to these locations...


    Now, Red better have a whole bunch of healthy cards to play but with two contested squares (on D 3 and E 3), it's going to be quite a confusing battle (or two).
    Red will decide first, to conduct the battle at D 3 since this is the one he really "wants". With no support from E 3, Red has only three figures worth of dice (and hopefully an Advanced Weapons or two...)
    For the defender it's the same. Yellow will have four dice to defend with at D 3.
    After that battle is resolved, this picture shows that Red won (barely), and the square at E 3 is next.


    Now Yellow only has two dice to defend with and Red, four (not counting the figure on D 3 because he's still "fighting" technically).

    And I think this alteration doesn't damage the game any. I think it was just easy and simpler at the time, for the designers to say "one battle at a time". But if you think your group of players can handle it, I think this is a usable rule.
    As always, make sure you discuss any changes before the first die is rolled and make sure that everyone agrees huh.

    Alternative Rule Number Two : The Communication Device needs some rewording. This topic has been discussed as well and it's been mostly "resolved".
    I think my rule has a slightly different play to it, so I'm sharing for any of those interested in considering it.
    The Communication Device card should say, "Search any of your cards for a card of your choice (except another Communication Device) and place it in your hand. Shuffle both your Discard Pile and Draw Pile together to form a new Draw pile. Lastly, discard this card.
    And I think the shuffling of the Discard into the Draw is not really the problem. I think it's a bit stronger than the Refresh or Reset actions because you actually get to shuffle your whole deck as opposed to just the discard pile so in a way, this is the only way you can perform this "ability".
    Now I know, Smoke Bomb reads almost the same way with it's "...shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile." And I haven't decided if I want to "alter" that one too. I might be content to have two cards of this "power"...
    Anyway, with the Communication Device being the last to plop into your new Discard Pile, there's no possibility for a continual loop, even if you're the Yellow with all his Disciples.
    And with the clause about no selecting another Communication Device, it's basically the dead end it should be. Still powerful in it's intended way, but not breaking the game.
    What do you do if you have a Communication Device (or two) in your deck as well as a Smoke Bomb..?
    Well the Smoke Bomb is only intended as a defensive maneuver and you wouldn't really "play" it during one of your actions. What good is avoiding a battle that you initiated..?
    Could you use a Smoke Bomb to essentially, Move to an opponent, then move "through" them (to come out on the other side)..?
    Interesting tactic there my friends.

    Alternative Rule Number Three : If a Yugai token lands or otherwise "finds itself" on an empty tile, the Yugai stomps that building into rubble and it (the tile) is removed from the game forever.
    This is entirely a "flavor" rule. I always picture these metal monsters smashing the buildings that the gangs worked so hard to establish.
    If you abandon a tile (and the Yugai drop on it) or if a Yugai force kills every figure in that square, you've lost your tile, toss it near the graveyard.
    And this doesn't happen all that much but when it does, it sure provides some laughs (as long as it's not your building being crumpled).

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    Alternative Rule Number Four : All right, I've played this game enough to be "almost" sure about this rule but the wording's tricky.
    I still have some doubts but for right now, I'm willing to draw a rough sketch in the mud eh.
    Once you've performed an action, you may no longer play cards with the exception of Permanents or cards that lay near your player mat.
    This means that you can "play" any cards from your hand freely, but as soon as you commit to one of the six "true" actions, your turn is essentially over.
    If you Refresh and draw new cards, you cannot continue to "play" with those newly drawn cards. Your action is over as soon as you declare your intent to Refresh.
    Now, you could play any number of free cards before the Refresh and these I call "pre-actions" for lack of a better term.
    If you declare a Produce - Develop action, you can no longer play cards after producing and developing.
    If you Sell, same thing, essentially making your true action the last thing you do (right after advancing your action marker).
    I've gotten in the habit of reminding people every turn, to advance their action marker and I won't "begin" my turn or talk about what I want to do, until they've slid that little piece of cardboard rightish...
    If you chose the Move action, you cannot play cards after any figure has moved. If a battle is caused, you cannot lay cards (except to fight), afterwards.
    Now, there's two "exceptions" to this rule and they involve laying cards to a specific location. In the past, I've labeled it the Player Mat Area.
    If you Recruit and secure Mr Odin Kester, the money making Green champion, you may place him beside your player mat after your Recruit action.
    In the same line of thought, if you Buy any Black Market Item that says "Permanent", you may lay it next to your player mat after your action as well.

    And I think this rule is really just a preference. If you feel like you can go the opposite way, and allow players to continue "playing" after their actions, it won't break the game.
    It just has to be "fair" for all players to do so. If one player is playing my style and the other isn't, well it's going to cause an unfair advantage so again, you have to discuss this alternate before you start playing.
    In my games, almost all using this rule, well it forces you to "think ahead". You have to seriously contemplate what's going to happen from the time your action ends, to the time when it's the start of your next turn.
    It forces you to think three moves ahead, like a chess match and I think it streamlines the whole turn process whereas the opposite tends to make things take slightly longer.
    On the other side of the argument, if you purchased a Black Market item like Thieves Tools and could lay it down after buying, drawing a card and gaining two ARCs...
    Well it sorta "extends" your turn. If you were Yellow and drew a Disciple with your newly purchased Thieves Tools, you could again lay that puppy down and draw two more cards, prolonging your turn almost indefinitely.
    Contemplate this one for a second...
    Assume I'm Yellow, I have only three ARCs in my hand but it's enough to buy the Thieves Tools. I toss my three ARCs and grab the Thieves tools, immediately laying it down for a reward of two ARCs.
    When I draw my next card, it's a Rally the People which again, gives me one ARCs and lets me draw another card and more importantly, lets me continue my "draw forever" tactic.
    After playing a Gambler, two Thieves and a Foreman, I come across a Scout that I had stolen from Red a while back.
    Now, I'm moving a figure one space, my cards that I've laid since buying the Tools have given me a whopping six ARCs and, most importantly, I'm still traveling through my deck and my action won't end until I'm good and ready...
    And to me, this seems a bit "wrong". How did my Thieves Tools allow my gang to somehow make my Gambler ready to play another game, my thieves able to rob some more and my Foreman, crank out some more product (just as an example)..?
    If this was my fourth action in the round, I've brought myself back from the dead (so to speak) with just three ARCs and the Tools available.
    And yeah, I know this is one extreme, but it points out the flaw (or just one of the flaws) in that system.
    So I guess the one thing that it really takes away from the game, is the predictability.
    You want and "should" be able to predict the course of action of you opponent within a reasonable degree.
    If there's a chance your opponent can get right back into his draw pile by Buying a Black Market or Recruiting something that allows them to draw some more, then there's no real way to "predict" huh.
    My second point, is one of ease. If you purchased that Black Market item and continued with your turn, at what point do you forget that you already used your action..?

    So I don't know people. I'm stressing the walls of this foundation to make them stronger or see where they're weak and need improving.
    My goal is not to bring the ceiling down around us, it's to make sure we have the strongest fortress out there you know.
    I encourage and desire all kinds of comments. Please, don't stop asking questions and don't stop, fighting the Yugai people..!
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    Revision to rule Number Four : Ack, I'm an idiot...
    I kept lookin' at this page...

    and Colby's simple answer and thinkin', what am I missing..?
    And then I see it. A sort of back door...
    Let's say you're the Blue Turtle and you've only drawn two out of the four development helpers and you have a strong suspicion that one of your necessaries is sittin' there on top of your draw pile, just waiting for you to pick up, wavin'...
    If there happens to be a Gambler or a Thief recruitable, look all frustrated for a bit, then say, ugh, I guess I'll Recruit one of "those"...
    Once you've picked up a Gambler or a Thief, you can immediately play him "post action" and gain his benefits, both of which are "Draw a card".
    One of these guys actually gives you one ARCs and the second you have to roll for a fifty fifty chance of two ARCs.
    And, you're much needed next card from your Draw pile.
    Now granted, all you can do is hold that helper in your hand for the duration of your opponent's turn, you've already spent an action with the Recruit. The extra money's nice though but you've sorta wasted an action if you planned on developing.
    Also, there's always that chance that you and your hopes were wrong, and that's not your helper (I'm lookin' at you again Enforcer's)...
    My son says that these guys are so cool, that when you recruit them, they give you a "free sample" of what they can do for you right there on the spot (good thing my Eden ladies don't work that way)...
    The other "option" you have is of course, as Colby (and friends) pointed out, the Thieves Tools. This is the only Black Market item to say "Draw a card" and it also grants you two ARCs so, almost what Gambler can do for you, minus the three ARCs it takes to purchase.
    I've been overlooking the Thieves Tools, I can see that now. I'll have to remember that, the next time it's available.

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    My son, ever the brawler that he is, insists that there be an Alternate Rule Number Five so here it is, all "official" and such...

    The Bishop's son, Rook, declares that as an Alternate Rule Number Five you may declare an amount of ARCs when you initially bid for a Recruit action as long as you don't change your mind when the time to pay comes.
    If you see Mr Zar Tayvius sittin' there and you're the first to bid on him, you can declare two ARCs if you are willing to pay those two ensuring that your opponent, if he only had two as well, couldn't outbid you for The General.
    This also implies that there is no logical order or "amount" that you are forced to give when it's your turn to bid. If you are the first to bid on a ganger "freely", the person to your left doesn't have to bid one ARCs followed by the person on their left saying two ARCs and so on know what I mean.
    The Rook says he wants to know if people think his rule is the best huh...

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    In the past, I've compared the Green gang to a sprint racer, fast at the takeoff.
    Now that I've played with it for a few games, I think a better term is "streamlined".
    The Green gang pretty much ignores certain aspects of the game, because it can do those things "automatically" I suppose...
    When it comes to producing and selling products, Green holds up all four of his alien hands and says, no thanks.
    It seems your Jara leader, is about one thing and one thing only. ARCs.
    In the first round, it's hard for Green to turtle "much" but it's important that you develop "something" for some much needed Renown.
    It's also "hard" to Red Wave with Green as his beginning fighters can be rather unpredictable (I'm looking at you Mercenaries..!)
    With your beginning special ability card Steal, you can only draw a card and your only hope of extra money this round is Jara, a one in ten card "want".
    Not pretty odds but again, your Steals also help you draw through your deck so it's more like a four out of ten (because the other six cards are pure muscle).
    Your beginning mission as the Green master, is to find a way to score a few precious Renown, preferably three or more by the end of the first round.
    If this means you have to snag a City square (or two) out in the middle, rush out like you own the place using the buddy system.
    Maybe against a Red Waver, plop a Stronghold on your cross hair.
    If you don't have the money for a three Renown building because you're unlucky and you didn't dig out your Jara yet, see if you can Recruit a Gambler or Thief, these guys are your friends.
    While you're at it, see if you can not Recruit any Foremen or Dealers...
    So hopefully, you used your first action to move, either all kinds of "out there" or just inside the doorway staying in the buddy system.
    Your second action should have been the purchase of a development of three (or more) Renown or, a second Move securing some central spaces. Which, believe it or not, works against a Red Wave because it causes your opponent to really stop and pause.
    An enemy that comes out to greet the Red Wave..?
    In all honesty, the Green deck can go toe to toe with the Red, if, you're a lucky roller. If, you happen to have the right cards at the right time...
    So don't think you can't use this tactic in all confidence.
    Now hopefully, in two actions, you now have control of a tile and are waiting patiently for the start of the next round.
    But wait, you still have two more actions to "do something" with.
    If you weren't lucky enough to get the money you needed in the first draw, you may have needed a Refresh as your second action.
    But you still have a "free" action where neither the Blue Turtle nor the Red Wave do.
    You can still spend a valuable action if there's a War Drone or Advanced Weapons but steer away from the Trade Agreements.
    And if you didn't Recruit a Gambler or Thief before, now's a good a time.
    If there's nothin' good to chose from, bide your time, take a third move to secure your "spots".
    It's almost like an olympic relay race where you're the guy stuck in the middle of the track, waiting to be passed the stick and for Green, you're stick is three precious Renown.
    In my first picture, I Moved for my first action, Recruited a Thief that my opponent didn't feel was worth his time for my second and used my Jara money on a War Drone because my opponent was Yellow and stuck at five ARCs with his Move. I won the first player token so I knew with that War Drone there, that I was the quickest one to get it with the Thief and that I would have to get my Renown the old fashioned way.
    A fourth action to secure the central squares with a Move and the City looks like this...


    Now the Yugai will probably hit you out there in the center but that's okay. Unless you were hit by a rushing opponent, you should have some of your fighting cards in your hand just takin' up space.
    If you get a Yugai messin' with you, drop "everything" in the hopes of getting the eighteen Influence increase.
    So by now, you've made it to the beginning of the second round with your three Renown and it's at this point that Green gets the stick, and gets to run.
    With you Jara back in your deck after the Reset and your three Steal cards trading them for the three precious Renown you just earned, you should have fifteen ARCs comin' your way "sometime soon".
    Now, push pause for a second. Remember Blue's Turtle..? At the end of his first round, even with the super luck, he could only have an ARCs "potential" of eight and that's with a Sell action somewhere in the first round.
    Green's fifteen ARCs is almost twice the best possible scenario in Blue's book. See how fast you're running now..?
    And the important part, you didn't spend actions gaining that money. All you did was drop Steal cards with Renown attached...
    First action, second round. Dropping my Jara and my beginning two, I develop a Stronghold and plop it right in the center of the City, daring all to come near.
    This tends to have a stunning affect on your opposition too, I should mention... Similar to if you had just developed the Club Silver X for it's six Renown (in the start of the second round).
    For my second, third and fourth actions, you "do" whatever feels natural. You feel comfortable knowing your mission is accomplished, your three more Renown every round is fairly guaranteed.
    I Recruited a Gambler, took a Refresh and eventually I worked my way to my Steal cards again, giving me enough for another Stronghold, plopped on another Renown City square and enough change to buy off the Yugai's if I needed to (in a pinch, I'm still lookin' for my Influence increase).
    At the end of the second round, the City looks like this...


    Now, if you can see it in that picture, my Yellow opponent was rewarded seven Renown and Green got a big fat ten because of where I was situated. And pretty much from here on out, Green's won.
    As long as you have three Renown coming in, you can afford to toss three Renown for the amazing twelve ARCs every round, sometimes more depending on if you took a Refresh.
    Like, there's an unlimited stream of money and all you need to do is sacrifice three Renown at a time to dip your bucket in, and pull ARCs out...
    If you've got a healthy diet of Thieves and Gamblers, mixed with some decent fighters (like a War Drone) and some Advanced Weapons, nobody can slow you're Stronghold crawl to more Renown.
    You end up with a whole bunch of money, no need to produce and sell and bam, you're "streamlined".
    You Recruit what you want (usually because no one else wants those freaks) you fight off Yugai and buy up Black Markets and I can show you lots of pictures but it's all summed up very quickly with...
    Green and Stronghold seem to go together well...
    Without the Stronghold, well you've got to be a little more picky. You want some serious firepower on the central squares, maybe a Weapons District or a Club Silver X if you can hold it down (nine Renown from a square is always nice)...
    If you have to leave some homies in the background just for Renown, try to stick with Thieves District or even a Recruitment Center. Remember, avoid using any tile that forces you to do that archaic "produce" here...
    Once you get going, expect to be attacked as your opponent frantically looks for a way to compensate for his small Renown pile.
    Spend the money on the Influence increase once you have it. Being able to move more figures is priceless in the "capture the Renown" game.
    As far as stopping the Green Money Master, you need to charge and make him play defense. A Blue Turtle is not "usually" enough to beat a Green Money as he will overtake you easily in the economy game.
    Green's weakness seem to be of the physical type. When it comes to building a strong Green deck, your champion Mr Odin Kester is usually off doing his own thing (not that you can't pick him up).
    If you can deny him those Gamblers and Ex-soldiers, he doesn't have what you would think of as a heavy hitter and his deck is "fragile" sometimes.
    Try to pay attention to where his Jara is at all times. If you see him lyin' in the discard pile, it's time to attack because his Bodyguard cards are all "unboosted".
    Fight the Yugai..!

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    Interesting stuff!

    As for rule 5, I play that way anyhow. I think if we're truly getting into a bidding war, the current mechanics are just wonky. Suppose at the start of the game someone you REALLY want comes up and you're playing a 3 player game with no yellow. If I was just allowed to bid 2,000 ARC's my frist turn when everyone else just has 2,000 ARC's I could win the baddest baddy I wanted....but if I went to the bidding system in their game I might not be able to. Why wouldn't I thematically be allowed to just bid high for his services right away to recruit him? Of course I could.

    I just prefer that method of auction because it simply makes more sense thematically and I think it's just an area where the mechanics are really wonky and unintuitive. This game is really nice with tying together it's theme and mechanics and being intuitive, but the current bidding rules don't match up with that....

    Most of your other "rule changes" are pretty fine with me. I wouldn't allow two battles to take place on the same turn however--that gets dangerous. I don't know if you've had red gang just load up on Broadcast Equipment and Informers, but that gets pretty sick fast. If you can manage even 2 Broadcast Equipment pretty early, you can just fight Yugai all day. Every fight you win is worth 2 renown, plus on average you net 2/3 of a renown per Yugai anyhow. And if you had an informer in the battle that's another 3! With scrappers powerful ability and the Yugai not being that hard to beat usually, Red would be able to rack up attack turns pretty high by just fighting Yugai and other weak spaces of players for tons of renown....I feel it might be too much.

    The Communication Device and Smoke Bomb's I do think need to be "fixed" or seems that reshuffling of discard and deck is extremely powerful, taking a free refresh action. Maybe that is what is intended, but those cards are so powerful then...I'm not sure I like it. I haven't yet actually abused them yet, so maybe if I just play how they really read and see how it goes I'll have a better idea. I've just thus far been finding any free action is powerful. (Like Recruitment Districts).

    I personally don't like rule 3, but it certainly could work for some groups.

    Rule 4 seems fine...but eh. It seems to me to add an unnecessary level of complexity and wordiness to a section of the game that doesn't need it. Especially since I don't see anything super wrong with allowing someone to buy a Thieve's Tools and play it right away. The biggest problem I would have is the Communication Device purschase and immediately go through your whole deck or something again with Yellow...which is why I really think Communication Device should just say shuffle your draw pile.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixio View Post
    As for Ranior, he's a little more difficult to deal with and can do some real damage.
    Tournament Record: 37-18

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    Hey excellent thoughts as always Ranior..!
    I think there's a trade off somewhere in there. If you spend a precious action early to Buy the Broadcast Equipment (or two), you're allowing your opponent(s) to spend an action "freely".
    If you did nothing else all round but bid up your opponent's recruiting, well you "frustrated" their goals sorta...
    But if you spent an action buying, you've made it "easy" for them to accomplish what they wanted in a really small way.
    If there's an Advanced Weapons or Trade Agreement, does the Broadcast Equipment take priority (assuming you're Red)..?
    I can't say and I can't "know" as I haven't really tried that tactic yet (it's going on my list...)
    I can say that I have seen the effects of Informer boy and in my games, his skills are pretty highly sought after.

    With the Communication Device, I don't think that is one that you could play "post action".
    I think my rule number three says, unless it's a Permanent Black Market or Odin Kester, or my revision with Thieves Tools, the Gambler or Thief, you can't plop other cards down after your "true" action.
    And again, weigh a Buy action for the Device and compare it to a simple Refresh action. They both cost an action but the Device lets you "repeat" the shuffle every time it "comes up" through your deck.
    So, one point for the Device over the Refresh.
    Now, take into effect my rule where it shuffles the draw pile and discard and, is it another point for the Device..?
    I'm looking at the referee on the sideline and his answer is, shoulder shrug.
    So the question that seems to have his gears in a standstill is, how powerful is it, to be able to shuffle your draw and discard piles together..?
    What could be in either pile that's so significant and, does the effect of shuffling both, put a more desired card towards the bottom by "accident"..?
    Could it be that a point would be given to the Refresh here, even though it seems unlikely?
    Then, if not and the Device scores two big points over the Refresh, how much should that card really cost (if played with using my alternate rule)..?
    Would a price tag of five ARCs make it more "fair"? What about ten?
    It seems like we need a few games where we just abuse the crap out of the system to see where the line should be eh.
    I'd like to see the Green Money Master against the Red's Informer Device combo, that seems like an interesting Renown race to me...

    So hey the Yellow tactic is coming soon and I look forward to more (much needed) feedback and experiences so keep it coming people.
    Fight the Yugai..!

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    When our City of Remnants game was first opened by the Rook and I, we wowed at all the tokens. I mean, this game has a butt load..!
    So ever since, I've been wondering if there were a better way to manage the many pieces and the other day, I came across this beauty so I thought I'd share.
    A plastic ice cube tray can hold everything easily (except Yugai tokens, no need to get them all "near" your others...)
    They cost about a whole dollar and they usually fit right in your box, even staying somewhat "enclosed" when the box is tipped or altogether flipped over.
    (Okay, you have to put your rule book on top of the ice tray, followed by the map on top of that to "hold" it all...)
    Here's some pictures I took.
    Also, I'm sick of lookin' at Ranior's cool logo beside his name when he posts. I mean, it's all bam and reminds me of Yoshi from Super Mario Cart...
    Try as I may, I can't figure out how to make my logo "appear" so if anyone knows, please tell me.




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