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Thread: How to Play City (of Remnants) for Dummies...

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    Woopt, a thousand views people..!
    I want to say a special thanks to everybody out there, you know who you are. Thanks for readin' my giant blocks of fine print. Thanks for ignoring my inability to make proper paragraphs.
    And, thanks for fighting the Yugai with me..!

    I've been trying to wrap my head around the Yellow gang's tactics...
    If the other three gangs are "specialized", Yellow seems to be the oddball or the jack of all trades.
    Green is mister money, Red can be very quick to start in a two player game and brutal with his fighting and Blue is the best to turtle with production developments in the beginning...
    So what is Yellow..?
    Well I'm trying to think of his "lack" of specialization as a benefit or an advantage.
    Because really, everything that the other gangs can do with their starter decks, Yellow can do as well, he just needs the right cards to Recruit.
    Aside from fighting, you can get cards like Blue's Workers with Dealers. Cards like Sempento "Eternal" (who can lower the price of a Black Market item) with Traders.
    Now, no, you can't get anything like Green's Steals where you trade Renown for cash or Red's Scouts.
    But you really don't "need" those as you can get the same result in a different fashion, if you're lucky.
    So maybe we can't generalize Yellow's strategy. I can't plot a course of action because you almost have to play Yellow by the seat of your pants.
    If great ganger cards appear in the first round to be Recruited, Yellow can pretty much snatch them all at will.
    If you get a bunch of Foremen in the first round, well you'll have to pick an alternate route to victory.
    So I wonder for a minute, if Yellow simply ignored all developments and "economy"...
    Could he Recruit what he wanted and go on a super offensive, much like the Red Wave..?

    I think the key to realizing Yellow's potential, is something I hinted on a while back.
    When playing this game, sometimes the best tactic isn't "do what you do best". Sometimes it feels like you should "prevent your opponent from doing what he does best" (or what he wants to do at the moment)...
    So let's zoom our microscope way in for a minute...
    I rank the gangs like this so far... In my book, Green sits at the top with his money machine, Red comes in second if it's a two player game (if it's three or four, Red's rating starts to slip...)
    And I've got Blue at a solid third leaving poor Yellow at the bottom.
    And this is because, the way I see it, nobody can stop Green's ascension once he gets those first three Renown. Stopping Red is pretty hard when he's attacking and his shotgun is threatening your cross hair in the first round. And slowing Blue is tough, he just goes "somewhere" else and plops down his products.
    But stopping Yellow..? From doing what exactly?
    And there it is. Yellow's "strength" is being flexible. Being able to do what it wants with little or no opposition.
    And when it comes to stopping Yellow's opponents..?
    Well, here's my strategy.
    Yellow is now the master recruiter. No one should be able to recruit anything unless Yellow consents to it.
    When it comes to your turn, as the Yellow Leader, do whatever you want. Play a little Red and "threaten". Play a little Green and grab some Renown spaces while you're out there. If you can, play some Blue and drop a development.
    But when it comes to your opponent recruiting, deny them! Make sure that they get the crappiest ganger out there, every time.
    If you're playing against Green, make him get Foremen. If it's Red, try to force him to get the Thief or Trader (or crappy Foreman) and do not allow him to get Mr Tayvius, The General, or any Informer boys.
    If you're playing against Blue, do the same. The idea is, your opponent should not be able to do squat when it comes to recruiting.
    Towards the middle of the game, you should have a super powered "all the best cards" deck while your opponent has a pile of nothin'.
    And if done right, I think Yellow can beat any other gang. Or, at least go toe to toe with them and make them fight for it.
    I can't think the makers would leave one gang "unfairly matched" and my suspicion is more like, Yellow is the best, most powerful. It just seems weak if you don't know where to look.
    Look to your deck and make it supreme. With your ability to draw your entire deck, you should be able to pick the best cards to work with, at any given time.
    If you can gain some money making cards like Thieves Tools, you can start to chain free cards rather easily.

    So I've tried this tactic in the past few weeks, playing with only Yellow and using all I've learned...
    And I still get beat. I think I'm oh and four with the Yellow and I can't seem to see what I'm doing wrong.

    While practicing with the Rook the other night, I noticed that he was having trouble keeping track of his various piles of cards.
    When a battle would start, he would look through his hand, select three or four (placing the others face down on the table) and then draw "blindly" two or three more to lay "nearby" for the upcoming combat.
    So before any dice are rolled, he has his Draw pile, his Discard pile, his assigned ganger pile(s) often requiring special attention (freakin' Mercenaries with their always different strengths...)
    And he gets confused. When that battle is done, he often picks up his draw pile, thinking it was the remainder of his hand and says "oops".
    So I discovered "this" and thought I would share my solution.
    Once you're a fairly experienced player, you no longer really need the space on your player mat describing all the actions you can take.
    I think this space could be better used if you plop your draw pile here and, once I did it, I was surprised that no one had mentioned it yet you know.
    Like it looks like they fit perfectly, even making a nice white "border" and the best part, no more confusion and looking through your draw pile by "mistake".
    Here's the picture and fight the Yugai people..!


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    I watched the sweet video review over at the Shut Up and Sit Down a while back and thought, wow that was cool. Then I think I watched it a couple more times soaking in all the details. I noticed in a shot or two, that they had some of their figures on the side of the map board, outside of the City.
    And I didn't know if they meant to do it or not but I thought, huh, that's a cool place to put your gang's figure pool. On the sidelines almost...
    So I pictured the head coach, assessing his team and calling specific schemes and numbers, to send the homies into battle and it was pretty weird, seeing my guys all lined up. I had to take some pictures.
    All right, here we have the Rook playin' his Green team, I'm Yellow again (still)...
    Green's won the initiative roll and spyin' the Stronghold in the available tiles, I know how this one's gonna play out already. Rook takes two Moves with his first two actions, gets to the center map space first and uses his third or fourth action to plop a development on good old D 4, his Stronghold setting him off for a pretty dominant win with me and no chance to "catch up".
    He Moves his first time and I follow suit.


    Now his second Move puts him on the center like so.


    He then says good game daddy and want to play again but I tell him we're not quite done yet...
    In the past, I've tried to spread my figures around his and capture all four of the one Renown spaces holding 'em down with just a single figure each. You can go this route, you can plop your own Strongholds and do "okay". But like I said, you can't "catch" Green once he's got that three Renown in the second round.
    So I need something new, something crazy and never before tried. For my second action I'll take another Move.


    This brings a smile to my young opponent's face and I can see him thinkin' and hear him laughin'. Until he realizes that he can't really respond in any real way.
    He's on his goal, he's supporting it with all he has and his next action has to be, Develop the Stronghold or Refresh in case he couldn't get to his Jara for the three ARCs.
    But maybe he's considering attacking..? Maybe he'll forsake the Jara's free money and make the guy fight for once? But what does he really get if he attacks, the death of a poor Recruiter boy? An early Influence increase?
    A weaker hold on his center, should I chose to reinforce and support an early attack on the heartland..?
    After a lengthy contemplation involving some standing, some jumping jacks, a push up and a trip to the bathroom, the Rook goes with the Stronghold thanks to his Jara. I guess that money and Renown (for more money) was too tempting.

    Oh we've also been turning the direction of our tiles, "towards" the current owner. So that the Renown number is readable from the direction of the gang player controlling it, well you'll see maybe.


    For my third action, I'm Moving again, right to Green's doorstep with support.


    And it's at this point where the Rook finally falls silent. A frown seems to fall on his face and outside, thick clouds blanket the sun...
    He gazes slowly through his hand of cards, understanding that all he's got is some Mercenaries (his Jara is still sittin' on top of his discard pie making all his Bodyguard card's about as good as my Recruiters...)
    With the Reset phase coming after this action, he's got no chance of a second Jara, an essential waste of an action, cross that one off. He has no money versus my Recruiter cards so he's no buying anything or recruiting anything unless I throw him a bone and let him take a Foreman.
    And then his math is done. No combat, no buy or sell or develop or recruit.
    I can see him contemplating a rush to my doorstep but it'd be with slightly less as he couldn't completely abandon his Stronghold. I could move fresh bodies from my sidelines and again, no combat.
    The Rook is forced to Recruit for his fourth action and I give him an Informer boy (because it really doesn't matter much at this point).
    For my fourth action, I'll play all three of my Rallys for the three ARCs, and buy my own Stronghold. Can you guess where I'll plop it..?

    (Picture six cannot be uploaded at this time... check back later.)

    Thus became the lesson of why it's not always best to win the first player token, first.
    Fight the Yugai..!
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    Hey so sorry it took me a bit to figure out that I can only have five pictures per post..!
    I think I've tried to post picture six about a dozen times now and I still can't make it happen for some reason (even in this post)...
    A lot of times, too, I can't seem to post anything and it rejects me outright saying that I don't have permission to post and I have to refresh and log in again.
    Only to be told the same thing when I try two minutes later, so yeah, it's getting frustrating.
    I'm beginning to think I've filled my corner of the internet to it's maximum capacity eh.

    I'll continue to work and attempt on my end friends but if you don't see me for a while, know I'm still out here, fighting the Yugai.
    Maybe I'll start bugging the powers that be for my own web site, strictly dedicated to the City huh.


    Woopt, picture six made it..!

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    Very intriguing start! Strongholds are really good, certainly do change the feel and strategy of the game at some points obviously like this one.

    That strong start will lead you well I would think. In a stronghold game, that central stronghold is really critical I have found. I'll be intrigued to see how the game plays out though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixio View Post
    As for Ranior, he's a little more difficult to deal with and can do some real damage.
    Tournament Record: 37-18

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    Quote Originally Posted by B376Bishop View Post
    As my little man is calling out letters and numbers, I'm saying ooh, that one hit you. Then, that one too, and that one...
    And the size and color of his face as he continues to read his own dooming cards, oh, priceless.
    loled adding at least 10+ characters

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    Good to have you in the War with us HeatExtend..!
    The Red gang can be awesome in a two player game yes. Then your usual opponent learns your play style and plays the denial game. Or the Recruit and Move game. Or the Super Smoke Bomb Batman...
    I think your statement that everybody has to play each gang a handful of times before they really "understand it", is accurate.
    But man I remember my first five games of each gang (mostly). And wow, I had some fun. Both being beat into a pulpy mess, and finally learning my opponents tendencies and countering.
    And I don't know if a finer compliment can be said about a good ole board game eh.
    That it takes some real immersion and practice, before you can be a power in the City.
    And that while you're loosing repeatedly, it's still one boss sausage and you want to play again at the game's end, just to try something else you know.
    Fight the Yugai my friend..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B376Bishop View Post
    you want to play again at the game's end
    This is easily my biggest gripe with the game :]

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