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    I was listening to The Little Metal Dog Show interview with Colby. He mentioned that the preorders for City of Remnants were much lower than Mice and Mystics and he wondered why. Personally, I can say that without the discounted price, I decided to wait and try the game before buying it.

    Had it offered the same discount as Mice and Mystics, I may have preordered. Logical? Maybe not, but that was my thought process, for whatever it's worth.

    I am eager to try, and hopefully buy, City of Remnants.


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    Mice is more visually arresting and sounds exciting. It is very easy to describe. The story element is especially unique for a board game, and cooperative sells well.

    City of Remnants is harder to describe, requires someone of a similar skill level to play against, and though the art is very good it is not something everyone can look at and immediately interpret. A mouse with a sword is a symbol we recognize from childhood adventure cartoons. A tall skinny alien with nose holes looks neat but doesn't help us know what to expect.

    Those are my theories. I initially was hesitant to get it because I just couldn't imagine how it would play, even with the rules. I am glad I took a chance on it though. It exceeded all expectations and will likely be one of my favorites once I have played more.
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    Its really a perfect game i play this game on my friends device.

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