My first battle went like this:

I was the Vanguard, and the other players(I won't name them) were Stabbins, Emma, and the Orc. We set out and forged different paths, wit ha couple people occasionally getting hurt but saved by the thumbs rule. I was becoming a survivalist, while the Orc would 1 turn kill everything. The other 2 were weak.

I encountered the boss (A dragon) and missed all my attacks, being knocked out again. I eventually teamed with Stabbins, giving him the stone in exchange for a truce.With my assist, we defeated the dragon and I forged and alliance with the Orc, not fighting either one of them. I went to the entrance and waited.

The goblin and the orc exchanged blows, wit hthe goblin winning but toppled by Emma, who now had 1 life left. I was fully healed. Trapped in a portcullis room and facing sure death if she leaves I swoop in and claim the stone with one sheath of my blade.

I had engineered the attack, knowing that I would easily sweep in and kill whoever won the big hero fight.By keeping myself alive before, I was able to manipulate all 3 of the other fighters.

What were your best fights? Post here.