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Thread: Tv Tropes Article Needs More Love

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    Default Tv Tropes Article Needs More Love

    Hey guys. I spent yesterday evening editing the Tv Tropes article for our favorite game, and I've added a ton of tropes, but I'm pretty sure I still missed some. If you're a troper, head on over and see what you can do to help out. Don't be intimidated if you're not: all you need to do is log in and click the edit button. You can find markup help in the upper right corner of the page. Click here to check it out!

    We need, in particular;
    More specific examples. Avoid generic comments such as "a lot of units" and "some characters."
    More YMMV examples. That page is for audience reactions, and we are the audience.

    We would appreciate;
    Some more Awesome Moments, Funny Moments, Heartwarming Moments. Feel free to put personal anecdotes here.
    Wild Mass Guesses.
    Fridge Brilliance, Logic, and Horror, as well as Just Bugs Me.
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    When I first found the tvtropes page of SW like a year or two ago, I posted about it. The general reaction was like "wtf is tvtropes?!?" Oh how the times have changed.

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    Kinda necro'ing here, but I do love tv tropes. But whoever made the entries about Cave Goblins being weak is an outright racist!!! I speak of two entries:

    1) The Our Goblins Are Different trope lists them as being by and far the weakest race in Itharia. I disagree. Physically, Elves are the weakest. Mook has higher health then any "elf" (non-beast) champ. In fact, Oaf's outweigh them as well. Most elf tanks comes from the beasts they use in war (Elephants, the Drakes, Miti, etc). Both a fluff and gameplay argument. Power wise as a faction, I don't see CG being any weaker then other minor factions. Definitely a YMMV argument though
    2)Cave Goblins most definitely have their in universe badasses. Again this is TMMV, but Mook is tough as they come! And Dibs, per is bio, may as well we named Godslayer! He is a cave goblin super hero for goodness sakes!

    Some non-CG points:

    1) I think Scam could fit as a Hired Gun
    2) Grubs the Hobgoblin probably fits as a different goblin variant for Our Goblins are Different
    3) I'd easily put SE as a Guerilla-Ranger-Technical faction
    4) Any mounted unit except Cavalry Knights can go under Horse of a Different Color. Beast Riders, Malek, Rahlee, etc

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