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Thread: Night Wolves v1, PDF complete deck

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    Default Night Wolves v1, PDF complete deck


    Ok folks, here are the Night Wolves, version 1b - PDF in dropbox.
    Thanks to Moon_Knight for suggestions on some wording changes.

    The current starting deck is playing well, but I'd love your feedback.
    I compressed the deck a bit, but the quality looks like it held up ok.

    Thanks, and credit to b57123m (PHG) and Lord_AndraK (PHGforum) for their posts that I used in some way:

    And to Lacota (BGG) for some font suggestions:

    All images are sourced from Google images and are not my own.
    I think the emblem is from Clone Wars or something similar. It seemed to fit the SW theme.

    I worked in powerpoint - and it was fairly successful - I can add that file if anyone's interested.
    The PDF deck also includes a couple extra commons and 2 additional champions.


    Here's a bit of a preview:
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    ok looked them thru and I like alot of the cards tho there are some things that you might want to look at.
    Silver is over powerd in all aspects im afraid since the only way to kill him is with big melee champs (and even then you will have a hard time)
    Haidia have the problem of the rememberence rule In Sw you should not have to keep track of how a unit have done during previus turns unless you got a token or somthing.
    Snowstorm should be till the begining of your next turn if you want it to do somthing.
    the fresh kill event is so powerfull it gives all your common dudes Swift strike thats better then CG but might be ok need to Playtest to find out.
    Dominance is like a reverese reenforcement not sure i like it but i guess its fine.
    think the stalkers wording should be if this staker inflicts 2 or more wounds during this turn you may heal up to 1 wound from this unit.
    the night claws wording is kinda of should be like
    this unit can only move 1 space during your movment phase, when attacking with this unit you may first move this unit up to 2 spaces, after the attack you may move this unit another 1 space.
    finaly how do you want it to work if i use Full Moon and Fresh Kill on the same turn do i get 2 attacks after the first or only 1?
    sry if im being harsh but thats the way i am /love MK

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    Thanks for this - great comments. I agree with everything. The deck has been updated.

    By note -
    Silver is one of the extra champions - so I've just taken it out for now.
    I've used discard cards to track Bloodlust for Haida - but need to mention it on the card. The key is that the opponent does not get them if Haida is destroyed - they would go back to the discard pile.
    You're correct, Snowstorm is meant to be until the beginning of next turn - I've reworded.
    Fresh Kill is powerful, but I haven't found it to be over-powered in playtests.
    Your wording changes on Stalker and Night Claw have been revised.
    I've clarified Fresh Kill to avoid that scenario - the intention is that, if combined, Full Moon would give +1 to their main attack, but they'd still only roll one die for Fresh Kill bonus attack.
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