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    So, I had an idea today. Over the next several months, I'm going to try to study individual Mercenaries (both common and champ) to see particular factions they fit nicely into/against, and post my musings here. I can't promise this'll take a short amount of time, because I don't get to play Summoner Wars as often as I'd like, but I'll try to put at least some thoughts up every week. If you have any particular thoughts, please post them here or PM me, and when I post about that unit, I'll add what I see. Next Post: Vermin, I suppose.
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    This is a really cool idea. Can't wait to see the results!

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    I'd like to place an order for Beefy mercs and RMs in FL. And everywhere else.
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    Im with I like tau on this one!

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    I wrote a short guide on the mercs a couple years ago here. Doesn't have many recent mercs but it may help you pick out. I actually love using mercs and have tried to use as many in my various. I don't them all but I use most. Vermin are super versatile though, you should have no problems making a good deck.

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    Hopefully thenightsshadow sees this, he's got some pretty cool ideas for decks with Mercs where you wouldn't expect them. But then again, all of tns' decks are out-of-the-box.
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    I saw it. I'm still unpacking from getting off the plane but I'll be on in a bit.
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