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Thread: I'm on a boat!

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    Default I'm on a boat!

    City of Remnants has progressed from 'manufacturing' to 'on the boat' status for those who only recently pre-ordered or are waiting to bite or waiting for it to show up at retailers.

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    This is good news...

    I am completely on the waiting to bite aspect...I'm hoping to see some reviews of it and figure out if I really "need" it in my collection or not. I'm trying to stay on a very tight games budget, as I already don't play about a dozen of my games often enough for them to have been worth it.

    With that being said, this is still high on my list. I really enjoy Cyclades and this reminds me of that in terms of the sort of Euroish wargame feel to it.
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    C'mon, it's a PHG product! There's no way it won't be worth it!
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    Im with I like tau on this one!

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    Haha--this is 10% a thread about important news and 90% an excuse to make a Lonely Island reference.

    I love it.
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    If you have any dougbts about this game, let me give you the positive and negative

    Positive - Deep strategy, great variation, good balance, both randomness and precision in attacks, great with 2, 3, or 4 players, simple mechanics, player interaction, neutral force isn't something you wish to fight, balance control of economy and strength, fun abilities, good developments

    negative - it can be a bit lengthy

    And that's it. And sometimes, that negative isn't even a negative. If you like summoner wars, acension, any euro game, or wargames, try this. Its a unique blend of Euro and strategy, with tactics also present. I've never played anything like it, and i have to say that it going to be taking my slot for 3 player game, and it would take 2 player if it wasn't for summoner wars and battleCON.
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    Think we will get to see this in stores by International Board Game day?
    Or I should say, "Can I order this and get it by International Board Game day?"
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