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    I've played two games thus far, so I'm by no means an expert. I'm wondering though if each of the factions might have a particular strategy that suits it best. I know that they're asymmetrical, but beyond just the differences, what are the best ways to win with each deck? I say this because both games I played with blue and yellow and in both of them, blue won. The Blue workers make it easier to get developments out so maybe the early strategy for them is to develop fast and get production up and running. I'm still not sure what I'd have done with Yellow to get more victory points. I've not even looked at Red and Green yet. So I'm curious:

    Based on which gangs you are using, what strategies are you finding helpful early in the game?

    It seems that as the game progresses, the decks can even out a little more and then it becomes more about the area control aspect than the deck building - although you can still continue to build to the decks strengths. This reminds me a little of summoner wars - every faction has it's own flavor. That doesn't mean you can't use PE to defeat GD with wall destruction - they're just not made for that. Same with these, the flavor is there in each faction, but so far it doesn't seem like you're locked into "you have to play green this way or you can't win with them."

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    I played blue and won my first game as well. Two of the other players weren't taking the game super seriously though, and I happened to beat down the other guy (green) pretty early on so that I didn't have much competition for a long time.

    If blue keeps winning, yellow or red should probably be attacking him, as both of them get benefits for attacking people. Red can take a development, burn it down for profit, and run away. Yellow can potentially steal gang members and so should be fighting other players, too, especially since he is the best at recruiting and should have more people on the board.

    These are just theories. As I said, only played it once and not as either of those colors.
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    I've played one game (Yellow, Green, Blue) and Blue won as well. But we were playing Blue's game and all focusing on developments more than anything else.

    I definetly saw how I should have focused more on recruiting and harrassing the other players as Yellow as i should have been able to outnumber their gang members on the board. I'll have to try that strategy next time to see how it works.

    I think they key to yellow is using the cards with recruitment abilities to ward off other players trying to block your bids and build your forces up early to keep them from being able to get a solid presence on the board. And definetly try to pick some fights with your gang member as another way of building your ranks while you weaken theirs.

    Blue is probably going to want to stay more defensive and focus on building up his developments and trying to keep other players from contesting or stealing them. Which I think is probably the easiest strategy to grasp, which may be why Blue won these early games.

    Green I'm not sure about and I haven't seen Red played yet.

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    I have played once, but I've had the game for 1 and a half weeks and i spend my free time thinking of strategies for them. I have a good idea of Sempento Roden and Garius (Blue and red), with a rough outline of Ret onshadow and Jara (Yellow and green.) Actually, nothing for Jara, he is like the BD. SO CONFUSING!

    Sempento - He, obviously, loves to build. His ability allows for a 2000 dollar discount on a development OR a black market card, and a replacement card for him. This ability supports his main strength, and helps to smooth out the weakness. Early on with workers, who have the same ability minus the extra card and black market discount, he can get you a free development. The black market card discount should be always used on something that deals with the primary weaknesses. And that is a lack of power. other than the enforcer, who has 2 attack and can get 4 by discarding a renown, every Nei'Su unit is weak in a fight. Use that discount on war drones, advanced weapons, etc. I think you guys have them winning so often because evryone wants to build developments, and that works best for blue.

    Garius - These guys love to kill. And they hate not to. They are the bane of blue, and this is why. in order to control the developments, you need figures on the board. So blue wants a lot of gang mambers on the board. Red loves to kill these guys, and garius loves to vandalize what Sempento creates. With red, you don't need attack boosts, because you are already pretty tough. They need help getting money mainly, and getting developments. They need them just as much as blue, but for a different reason. Garius nneds them to destroy. The key factor playing them is getting forbidden information, with some of the gang members that give you renown for winning. Combined with mysterious benefactor, Garius can set up some wickedly destructive combos.

    Ret - Funny how he's the good guy in this game and in SW, he's the villian. Like it says in his file under CoR, his power is in the people. He generally wants to recruit his way too victory, by using his units to snag choice units from the gang members. the real key lies in what he gets. Try to get fighters, they combo well with the large amount of units Ret will have. He also enjoys Bross, technicians, and gamblers.

    Jara - I really don't know. I would have to play him, he's the BD of CoR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
    Jara - I really don't know. I would have to play him, he's the BD of CoR.
    I don't have this game yet, but I think you want to create a cyclical deck with Jara that gets you lots of money. With that money you can do whatever you want. Adapt to the situation and the other faction(s) you are playing against.
    I think Computer Terminals are good for him, because you want to draw yoru Steals (not in a battle) as often as possible.
    If you have the renown and want to make a Buy action, each Steal played can net you 1000 ARCS. Lets say you have 3000 ARCs, three steals in hand (or draw them as you use them), and at least 3 renown. You want to buy that War Drone, right? Steal three times to have 15000 ARCS, buy the Drone, buy three renown. You just bought a Drone for 3 cards, 3000 ARCs and one action.

    I think you'll want to use Refresh actions a lot with Jara. Lets you keep generating money really quickly, especially if you have Thieves Tools and Gamblers in your deck.

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