For those who have the game (I don't) and have played it, I'm curious about your initial strategy impressions.

How important is it to gain influence? Do you modify your strategy or do an inefficient turn in order to make it happen? Once somebody gets ahead in influence, does it seem like a big advantage?

How painful are the YCUs? Are they a nuisance? Have they truly ruined your day and taken a development off of you?

Are players specializing at all? Are some more military and spread out while some are more close and tight and focused on developments?

How different is each game depending on the development tiles that are available? Are some games very produce->sell heavy while others aren't?

What is bidding for gang members like? Have you upped the price or even stole away a gang member just to spite someone who really needs it?

Is there a lot of "gaming the system" in the bidding? i.e. getting super-cheap gang members when there's less people with ARCs/actions available to bid on them?

How much money do you have from turn to turn? Is it extremely tight? Or do you start piling it up after a while?

All this and more, please tell me.