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    My nephew really loves Dungeon Run, but often the games get bogged down by paragraphs of reading that make the game difficult to play for him. It means I have to keep track of a thousand different powers and treasures for him and any other younger players who join in (many of which are only relevant once in a blue moon). I wanted to come up with a way to play that would be simpler and that meant my nephew would be able to keep track of everything himself. Here are the alternate rules I came up with:

    I) No Additional Power Deck
    The little deck with all the extra powers can really make a game with younger players tedious. Scrap it altogether.

    II) Treasures Become Stat Increases
    Keeping track of the paragraphs on treasures and whether the character can even use the treasures they carry is tedious as well. Place a facedown treasure card when one is called for, but when the treasure is picked up put it back in the deck and roll a die, the result determining the stat increase your character receives from the 'treasure'. 1-2 is a Skill Point, 3-4 is a Magic Point, 5-6 is a Brawn point. You may trade in skill points whenever a a card requires you to discard treasure.

    And that's about it. Encounter trade ins definitely take a nerf from treasures becoming so streamlined, but they retain their relevance because you can choose which stat goes up.

    Overall it makes the game accessible to a younger audience. The only reading is on character cards and monster cards, which means younger players will have an easier time keeping track of what's going on. If not, the minimal reading means an older players will be able to keep track of every card in play and regulate the game that much easier.

    That's the idea. I welcome any suggestions on how to refine these rules further.

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    Ability cards aren't used in solo play, so dungeon divers should be fine without them. Sounds like a good idea.
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    Sounds cool. Depending on how young they are, I might take some of the Undead creatures out as well (the Rotting Zombie comes to mind).
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