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    I have played M&M four times now (only making it through chapter two so far so no spoilers) and I'm already thinking of making a home-brew storyline. Has anyone else put any thought into something like this? Here is one of my favorite ideas so far, let me know what you guys think. Please keep in mind I haven't finish sorrow and remembrance so I'm making a few assumption 1) collin and friends save the day, 2) Collin and friends are stuck as mice.

    HB Story 1: The Siege of Farfield

    Here is a rough draft of the Prologue

    "It's been many seasons since Collin and the other castle mice came to Barksburg, but I'll never forget the deeds they performed on the summer after their arrival. Mother called us into her study one morning, where she had been meeting with two mice that arrived in the night. These mice were from Farsfield, a small city on the otherwise of the woods just outside the castle walls. Bixby (leader/scamp) wore a white hood and a rapier needle at her side and her companion Quinn (tinker) wore an odd pair of goggles on her forehead. Bixby explained to us that Farfield had come under attack from an army of rats and to make matters worse they had poisoned the towns water supply. We were all in agreement we needed to leave for Farcield at once."
    - from Lily's diary

    I am already thinking up some ideas for chapters. Here is an idea of what I have so far.

    Chapter 1: Into the Woods

    The mice need to make their way through the woods. Bixby thinks they should take the treetops, as they will be the fastest. Collin, however, thinks it will be to dangerous, and thinks the mice should stay one the forest floor. Filch, who is somewhat smitten with Bixby (also I get the feeling he just doesn't like agreeing with Collin), agree that the treetops would be best. Tilda, who is concerned with the health of the sick mice, also thinks speed would be best (though she hates to agree with Filch on anything). Maginos, Nez, and Lily think Collins plan is favorable most because they cannot help Farsfield if they get hurt along they way.

    Ultimately it will be up to the players to decide which path they take, but this important decision will have an affect on the rest of the story.

    So that's kinda what I have so far. I'm thinking I'll need at least three more rat tokens so nine can be on the board at once. I also want to make up some new minions, as my group and i are already feeling a need for some more. So far i know a Bullfrog would make a great large minion (and yes bullfrogs do eat mice), but i'm still trying to think of a good small minion or two that would also work well with the base game. I'm also think some familiar faces, like olde crow, might make an appearance as well as several
    new faces like a fox kit (will he be an ally or a new Brodie? Or will it depend on the player's actions?)

    Well let me know what you all think, one of the players in my group is a pretty good artist so I might post of prototype pictures at some point. I'll also keep you updated on additional chapters we're working on.

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