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Thread: Tecmo Super Bowl Fantasy Football League

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    Default Tecmo Super Bowl Fantasy Football League

    I'm participating in a Tecmo Super Bowl fantasy football league tonight. We're going to draft players from the game, and then simulate an entire season with all of the teams played by the computer, and see who wins.

    My question: Who would you rank as the top players at each position back then, from a fantasy standpoint? (Note that RBs probably won't get points for receiving yards, and WRs and QBs probably won't get points for Rushing yards, because the game doesn't reliably track those stats).

    I think I'm looking at something like this for my Top 4 at each position:

    1) Warren Moon
    2) Joe Montana
    3) QB Bills (Jim Kelly - lol)
    4) Dan Marino

    1) Barry Sanders
    2) Bo Jackson
    3) Emmitt Smith
    4) Thurman Thomas

    1) Jerry Rice
    2) Andre Reed
    3) Andre Rison
    4) Drew Hill

    1) NY Giants (Lawrence Taylor - boo yah)
    I have no idea after that.... Bears? Bills? Steelers?
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    This takes me way back. LT and the giants defense was awesome. For offense it was always mr bills, Thurman, rison, lofton etc for me. I really didn't play as anyone else. Not even the Vikings me being from Mn

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    I would go Woodhead then Wallace. Woodhead if its ppr

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