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Thread: Forum Autolinking to Units: Helpful or Annoying?

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    would it be possible to have links in the same colour as the general font? (black) That would help in "hiding" unwanted links.

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    But then people who are new wouldn't know about them and couldn't use them! They are probably the ones who are helped the most by these links.
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    I thought this would be very annoying at first, but my fears have not proved true. A quick question, is there a list for all of the link keywords? It would at least show which cards we need to put the faction abbrev to get linked.

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    I like the above suggestion.

    I just want to point it out here too, that this autolinking has killed the books pages links. It has overridden them. For those of us who use those books to check questions and things, those links were really helpful. Fixing them would be nice, so I don't have to do a search to find the book.
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    1. Make the matching case-specific. Only capitalized names get linked, to avoid things like linking dagger, or "The controller of the card with the ability or effect that destroyed the Unit would receive the Magic Pile." Sure, that would skip people who like to save time by not capitalizing, but enough people do use the shift key that it would be no big loss, and losing the false positives is worth getting some false negatives.

    2. Make the matching match only complete words, to avoid matching Talu inside Ret-Talus. I hope this is automatically available to you (as in MS Word or Unix grep or vi) rather than having to reinvent it.

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    Are there nick names for The Warden's Mutations?

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