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Thread: Mice and Mystics Rules Questions?

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    A couple of questions, in case anyone still reads this.
    I imagine the first is unique to chapter 6, but in the courtyard with brodie and the crow, I figured at least at first let's use that fancy teleport scroll to cower in the tree and let the nasties do our work for us. It seems to me that no minion can enter the tree space, but it seems like an awful cheap way to avoid brodie. The wording in the storybook says no minion _figures_ can enter the tree, and perhaps brodie can because he is not a figure. I played it the difficult way and scattered as soon as the crow was dead. I wanted to confirm whether I did that right or not.

    This then led to my second question straight away. Tilda had the button shield and toothpick, and was hit by a pounce, a chase, and another pounce. She did not roll any cheese, so it didn't come up for me, but I was wondering whether the toothpick would kill brodie (or at least the card that generated the attack in question) in such a scenario. It seems to me that it would, but wanted to confirm. As it turned out, she rolled no cheese and no shields and was captured. Ugh, but it was a potential life-saver. Would it have worked?

    Related question about the toothpick: it says you may inflict a wound when you roll cheese in defense. If you opt to wound, does that mean you do not get the cheese, or should I have taken both when it happened?

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    If you're asking where he shows up on the board, that should be explain in the encounter itself (if it's a special one) otherwise, he spawns the same way other large minions spawn.
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    In the chapter where you get Brodie to fight the crow, can you use the disguises to avoid the rats on the courtyard tile?

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